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Wilkesy wrote:
Replying to [ShineSoman]:

Thankyou for your post my friend! [em1]
Although i am sorry for your loss i thankyou for saving me from the same fate. Thankyou!
Re: The best way to find Fraud and Scam Companies
After making purchases from this store I have found it to be a scam. Firstly they don’t have the products they say they do and then you wait a lifetime to get your money back. Secondly when you think that you purchase is on its way and they give you a tracking number the package you receive is empty.
Please do not put yourself through the same trouble I am having. I have waited months to get a refund and I am still waiting. You cannot count on escrow to protect as I thought I could.

Re: The best way to find Fraud and Scam Companies

Hi there,

Can you please find out about a company called

Weifang KM Electronics Co., Ltd.

Kevin| Sales Director| Weifang KM | Tel. (86) 536.8885351 |Fax.(86) 536.8885352 | Cel. (86) 18765154772 | , Tongyin street,Gaoxin District,Weifang Shandong province China.

I am about to buy a ipl machine from them, and I would like to know I can trust them

Many thanks,

John T.

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Does anyone know if is legit? I checked on and the name of the person that registered the website matches with the name they asked me to do the payment to. I was asked to do the payment through t/t or western union and do shipping through ups. I really need help hope one of you guys can help me.
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[em1] Hi,

I'm very interested in tractors from the Weifang MAP Power Co. They are a wholesale price, and I would be saving over  $20,000. Almost sounds too good to believe. The contact person Cindy Wang is very professional. This is the web site.

It looks like the company is legitimate, and I'm doing on line research to make sure I don't lose my investment.  I assume that Ali Express is the way to buy this tractor. The company had a few errors on their web site, like the size of the delivery parcel, which was confusing, but the tractor it self, seems authentic. I don't want to purchase a toy tractor, if you know what I mean.

What would be the way to import this tractor, Fedex, or some other delivery company?

I appreciate your feed back.


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I believe this company is legitimate.  But they are taking very long to produce samples, respond to e-mails, I am starting to feel uneasy:


They used to be on but are no longer on the site.  However they are on many other b2b websites. 

Thanks in advance.
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ShineSoman wrote:
Hi, Everyone.. my recent experiance dealing with chinese company named Kingpower Trading Co has enlightened my knowledge of finding fraud websites and companies. Though I lost $750 I hope to see that no one else get cheated.
The best way to find whether a company is genuine is to chat with a member of the company using trademanager or anyother chating program. Ask them question regarding the companies location, CEO name, License No., and if you find no reply... thats it.. you are saved. I am ready to help anyone who needs to authenticate a company. Please contact me for any assistance.

Shine Soman

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hi iwant to ask question about a NGO in comoros is real the adress and phone is below Mr. L. A. Edwards Project Director - BLC No. 658, Agbojdo, Aglagadan Republic of Dahomey Tel: +22 9680 7 3328 please help

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