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Beware to the suppliers out there who are new to this type of business. I am in the apparel business and was almost sucked in by one of those famous nigerian scams. I was contacted by a Mr. Johnson Okoro in regards to supplying one million t-shirts to this rehabilitation project for the prisoners. This fake agent agent (Mr. Okoro) said that he won a bid for me to be the supplier of the t-shirts at 5USD per shirt. Boy, that sure sounds great doesn't it? Use common sense with foreigners because the thought going through my mind was this sounds to good to be true. At 5 million dollars that was supposedly going to be wired into my business account definitely made me skeptical. Well my skepticism paid off as sure enough there was always a situation that would arise. Like asking me to fly out to Lagos Nigeria and sign paperwork to needing an attorney to using real names of employees at real banks but using a different email address and phone number and asking for money up front via Western Union. I took the time and did a lot of investigative work even though I felt it was a scam from the beginning. Just be smart and do your homework with these people. Don't get blinded by large sums of money like some people have in some of the horror stories I have read in the 419 nigerian scams.
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Re: Nigerian Prison Services
Replying to [libb]:Thanks for your information.
I'm actually pretty new with this kind of business. [em17]
Re: Nigerian Prison Services
Replying to [libb]:
Thanks so much for your posting.For all you Nigerians our there this is what we come accross everyday.And don't even bother to reply with your same old Bull Shit that it's because of this person's Greed.
Just another one to add to 419 eaters.
Re: Nigerian Prison Services
Replying to [libb]:I have received many many scam from Nigerian.So,I won't believe them any more. I will delete the email directly before reading.
Re: Re: Nigerian Prison Services
Replying to [DavidBlues]:but sometimes it is interesting to play the game[em3]
Re: Re: Nigerian Prison Services
Replying to [johnleo]: The best part of this whole deal was how I baited them by playing dumb and going along with the fake agent. As soon as it came time for payment and I cornered his * into a no win situation, he knew it was over and man was he pissed!!! He got all huffy for two reasons: 1. He got out smarted and 2: He wasn't able to scam one copper penny out of me.
Re: Re: Re: Nigerian Prison Services
Replying to [libb]:
Good on you libb.So glade you shared that with us.I'm grinning from ear to ear.[em19][em1]
Re: Re: Re: Nigerian Prison Services
Replying to [libb]:

Over these past few years I have had my time wasted by so many Nigerians and other Africans. Don't misunderstand me, I love the Ethiopians here in Israel, but West Africans are truly time-wasting
wanna-be swindlers. Who is so foolish to fall sucker to their scams?

I have given them the benefit of the doubt, and probably have gone through the motions with over 10,000 Nigerians - but they are all the same. All end up asking for money to pay the contract award committees, or their lawyers or even pay the bank transfer fees for the money they promise you. After a while I would like to waste their time and make them believe I am falling sucker. They certainly do get when they fail.

What can I say? These Nigerians who try to scam our money are low-lives, and end up only given bad name to their African brothers and sisters.

Now I just erase all e-mails and inquiries without even reading from Nigeria, Benin, Togo, and anywhere where I see the same , planecrash, next of kin, money transfer, security company, come to amsterdam, benin, Nigeria, etc.

From my experience with over 10,000 such attempts to scam my money, I can honestly say that no serious business is possible with
West Africans and this Nigerian 419 scam.

Kindest regards,

GOD bless you,
B. Leon
Z.Z. Financial Security and Investment, Ltd.
Jerusalem, Los Angeles (under construction) (under construction) (under construction)
Re: Nigerian Prison Services
Replying to [libb]:
Hi, I read your small writeup on NPS. I have been contacted by an agent ( Mr Tank Mohamed of Global Source Co., Finland) .who is a commission and sourcing agent attached to the NIGERIAN PRISONS SERVICES (NPS).to source 1 Millions candle sets from an oversea company.

I have been communicating with him via email. This project is only in its initial stages. After I read your writeup It got me worried. Can you please help me to know about this person. If you have heard about him. Though he is talking about paying 100% before the shipment.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and Regards
Sumita Duggal
Variations Art
Re: Nigerian Prison Services
Thank you. I also recieve the Inquiry in the Bulk email.
The trader refers that he receives the order from NPS and asks me to contact NPS directly.
After I win the bid. I have fly to Nigeria to sign up the contract at the court or I ahve to hire the attorney to represent our company.
So I have to make a decision to pay for the attorney or not accpet the contract.
I am thinking that he is playing the fake business with me.
Who is the real NPS?
Why do I need to sign the contract at the court in Nigeria?

Look forward for your comments and hope no one get trap in this agent.

Re: Nigerian Prison Services

Guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they are good guys, they are doing their job very well.


rule 419

they wanted to buy fire wood from me, but strange sounds that in Nigeria average temperature is 30 degrees....[em2]

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