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I need company register in Indonesia.

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Hi, it is possible to check some of the companies registered in Indonesia by visiting the site it is the site of the  Indonesian ministry of trade. Unfortunately, the English version doesn't work and you will need to have some understanding of Bahasa Indonesia. You can access the business directory through the link that says "Bisnis" (third item of the menu in the left) and from there choose "Direktori/Profil Perusahaan" Perusahaan happens to be company (or so said the online dictionary) and in there you can see a company lookup bar where you only need to type the company name - it accepts partial words.

Hope this helps!

Also, for European companies' information the best service is EBR ( that grants access to the national registries of various European countries including the UK, Ireland, Finland, Germany and Spain.

To find information on companies' registrars worldwide it is worth to take a look at - this website owned and maintained by the World Bank Institute describes the process of companies' incorporation in all WBI countries - by checking the incorporation process is possible to distinguish which institutions handle registration records and search their websites.
Re: Registrar of Companies

Dear all,





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Hi all!

With the threat of many scammers running freely in the internet and using false or copies of company names, I have made an effort to actually list down the list of Registrar of Companies from different countries.

All that is needed is the company's name and let the database do the rest of the magic. From there, you can check if the company is valid, terminated or etc.

Feel free to add more!!




United Kingdom

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I want to check an indonesian company: DWI SUWITO HANDOYO adress: Jalan Jagakarsa Raya No. 2, Jakarta Selatan – Indonesia 12620, license number 994/PTE/2001. could not find any register where i could check if the company is legit. the strange thing is that the CEO has only yahoo mail, and no website. and the price is tooo low to be real. any help on the registry websites?
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Who has an information an indonesian company: DWI SUWITO HANDOYO adress: Jalan Jagakarsa Raya No. 2, Jakarta Selatan – Indonesia 12620, Who worked with that company or there is an information, Respond please
Re: Registrar of Companies
thanks for your sharing, it is useful[em16]
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