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could you please help me,on the April i didn't know and, i ordered three item the same product, and alibaba charged me ,i sent email i made mistake please refund my money.the seller told me ,we cant not refund ,because already we did delivery.However only i receved one item not iplease refund my rest money.

than you

my order number it was;




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Hi I am trying to filter out results in my searches using the minus symbol -.
example: construction toys -rc
but rc still shows up in the search results, and for any other word I try with minus, those words still

show up in the results. How can I remove certain words from search results?




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Dear customer, 


Thanks for your message. After checking, the order is placed on, so in order to help you further, please kindly contact customer service: , thanks for your kindly cooperation

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Dear customer, 

Thanks for your message. Regarding the filter,  you may filter the result by selecting the features you want.

or  you can try to post RFQ to get quotations from suppliers:




We are a distributor here in the Philippines. May we ask if we need to have an import license if we order items from China through Alibaba?

Help urgent


i require urgent help. I can't seem to make any payments to suppliers on my alibaba account. I have made several transactions before but now when I use any card, no payment goes through. I have tried different accounts also. I have also called my bank several times and they said everything is fine. Have I been blocked from making payments? Please I require someone to look in to my account asap. My username is

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Hi Rashiel, Thanks for your question.  

Firstly, is a platform for you to find supplier and make purchase, we don't request you provide import license. It will be up to your local policy if you want to import goods from overseas. So we will suggest you consult your local government and customs to make sure what documents you will need if you want do imports from other countries.


Hope this will be helpful for you. 

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Hi dear Sir and Madam

Can you help me to check company which wants to get 100% prepayment fot the goods.


How to check if they arnt frauders?


Thank in advance



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Hi there,


The supplier's are charging 3.7% fee in my order, and saying that it is Alibaba fee. When I go to pay for order with credit card, I again get charged 2.8% fee for processing order. Why does the supplier charge me for alibaba, when i already pay 2.8% fee when paying for order? Is this normal?



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Hi, I would like to ask whether or not I have the hope of refunding a portion of the money for a purchase that has been greatly overstated by the fact that the seller has made a mistake?


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