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Enjoy zero transaction fees with e-Checking SEPA! 1 replies,584 views


Make payment using e-Checking SEPA for the first time before August 6, 2017 to enjoy this special offer.




Offer details

1. Each registered member may only enjoy this offer once and is available to the first 20 buyers on a first-come first-served basis.

2. Standard e-Checking transaction fees are fixed at EUR 15.00 per transaction outside

of the promotional period.


What are the benefits to using e-Checking SEPA?



wLow transaction fees

Only EUR 15.00 per transaction with competitive exchange rates.



wIt’s convenient!

Similar to paying via Telegraphic Transfer (TT), it just takes 3 simple steps:


Step 1: Add a European account

Step 2: Authorize payments to be taken

Step 3: Verify your account (for new account holders only)


We have more detailed information on how to add a European account here.





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Re: Enjoy zero transaction fees with e-Checking SEPA!

wow! it looks awesome!

the EUR 15.00 transaction fee is pretty decent.

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