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Share your thoughts on our whitepaper and win a free pass to Gateway'17 27 replies,11667 views




Share your thoughts on our whitepaper and win a free pass to Gateway'17


Interested in hearing from Jack Ma and David Apney on their insights into global trade?

This is your chance to win a free ticket to attend the inaugural Gateway’17 conference in Detroit from June 20-21. If you have already downloaded and read our latest whitepaper, share your thoughts on it to win your free pass!

Hear inspirational keynote speakers such as Jack Ma and UPS CEO, David Apney, while networking with a whole host of top industry leaders. Gateway’17 is your chance to find out how to tap into the vast Chinese market.


Download the whitepaper here:

What should I share?
Simply share your thoughts, comments or feedback on the whitepaper. It can be your favorite chapter, topics you find most interesting, or any questions you have regarding the content of the paper.
Contest rules:
Share your thoughts on our Buyer Community > Discussion Forum before June 9th, 2017 to be eligible for a chance to win.
1.    Share your story on the forum in the form of text and/or images.
2.    You may not post any brand names, logos or trademarks apart from
3.    Your content should be original and comply with any laws and regulations. Posts shall not violate the legitimate rights and interests of other third parties (including but not limited to third party portraits, images, copyrights, trademarks, designs, etc.).
4.    Posts should also adhere to our Community forum rules.
The top 3 posts based on the number of likes will receive a FREE ticket and pass to the inaugural Gateway’17 conference worth US $250.
Prize notification:
1.    We will notify the winning persons via the email address used to post on our forum. Please ensure your email address is valid.
2.     If the winning persons do not respond within 7 working days after the announcement, or fail to reach an agreement with on the use of their content for promotional purposes, the prize will not be redeemable.
Activity Terms & Conditions:

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Re: Share your thoughts on our whitepaper and win a free pass to Gateway'17

Data is changing the way international trade is done – removing trade barriers and obstacles for SMEs while providing both online and offline infrastructure for businesses worldwide.

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very insightful and in- depth analysis in this white paper. the introduction of trade assurance has made it possible for a young entrepreneur in Ghana like myself to find reliable suppliers millions of miles away. great job done team Alibaba and am so proud to be part of this amazing network.

Re: Share your thoughts on our whitepaper and win a free pass to Gateway'17

This is great.

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 he the best one 

Reply # Share your thoughts on our whitepaper and win a free pass to Gateway'17

Alibaba is amazing, we have more than 10 years doing business with China. But only for 1 year we are using Alibaba and it has been impressive as it has helped us to manage our orders. Definitely as indicate the alibaba white paper is the time of the DATA REVOLUTION.


We are Venezuelans and currently running our business in the USA.


It would be a HONOR to go and listen to Mr. Jack Ma, and continue to learn how to integrate Alibaba into our business.


We are verified buyers, and we have generated transactions in these last months near the 50k using TRADE ASSURANCE.


We are on the road to learning


My biggest hits.

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Go Ahead !!

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How can SMEs perceive data differently from corporations, to train their people to see a different purpose in data. Instead of maximising control, how can data help SMEs to become more and more agile?

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Nothing can be do without resources. Thanks to provide these to small businesses such as mine. Still in search of a big shot but never mind maybe its not my time yet.

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thnks alibaba

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