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Look who’s coming to Detroit! 
Besides keynote speakers such as Alibaba Group founder and chairman, Jack Ma, it could also be you...
This is your chance to win a FREE ticket to attend the inaugural Gateway’17 conference in Detroit from June 20-21. Simply share your story, experience or thoughts about for your chance to win FREE entrance to Gateway’17.
Hear inspirational keynote speakers such as Jack Ma and UPS CEO, Jack Dorsey, while networking with a whole host of top industry leaders. Gateway’17 is your chance to find out how to tap into the vast Chinese market.
What should I share?
Anything. Yes, it’s your story and your experience so we’re looking for you to start or contribute to open discussions on topics of your choosing. It may be about finding a quality supplier, your favorite features on or suggestions on how we can improve our platform to make online trade easier for you.
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Share your story on our Buyer Community > Discussion Forum from May 15th - 21st (23:59:59 EST) to be eligible for a chance to win.
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My Alibaba Experience might be the most popular online B2B store nowadays. But some buyers including us do have some very dissapointing experiences from China suppliers.


Sometime in January 2017,  I ordered 500 pcs coffee mugs from a supplier located in Fujian; and the agreed delivery time is within 50 days after downpayment. As of this writing, no delivery was made, only promises and extensions.I've just lodged a complaint a week ago under TRADE ASSURANCE. I just hope they'll refund my downpayment without much hassle.


The amount is not really that huge, but I lose time and effort in dealing with these kind of suppliers and the stress I had to deal with an undelivered order. 


I hope Alibaba will farther improve the line-up of their suppliers. Gold members are supposedly ethical suppliers who would go the extra mile to satisfy their clients and honor the contracts as agreed especially when trade is done is under Trade Assurance. It seems like this isn't the case.


I wonder if Alibaba CEO Jack Ma is aware of these issues. I hope to meet him when he comes to Detroit.


I wouldn't want to divulge the name of this supplier to protect his business reputation ( so he can farther make money without actual products...smiles) and neither would want mine to be revealed.


See you in Detroit guys! You have my email anyway...






My Alibaba Experience

Fun little Alibaba Story....


I moved from perth, Western Australia to North Carolina when a series of life experiences led me to live in Isla Vista, California ----- the college town for University of California Santa Barbara.


i then started a small sock retail business and my supplier who was based in China got chatting over WhatsApp and she lived in Isla Vista at the same time as me before moving back to China. Small world. 


Alibaba connects the world :) 


see you in Detroit 



(Perth, Western Australia)

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Being in Houston, Texas Alibaba will be my number one resource when my store opens and now with verified U.S. business checking and the security, as well as the Port of Houston right here, Alibaba is a no brainer; even more so than Amazon can be. I find my Company using Amazon to stock itself and Alibaba for my company to stock it shelves.



Jack's Story is Our Story

AliBaba is Jack's story, and it's a story many of us share.


It's a great reminder that it's worth it to go through the rejections, the tough breaks, and not getting what we want if it means eventually having the opportunity to go far beyond what we had in mind for ourselves.


I recall an interview I read with AliBaba's founder in which Ma talks about rejection. Specifically, he told a story involving a chain of rejections, the most memorable one being how he was the only person out of a group of 24 to not be hired for a food service role.


At one point or another, we've alll been there - I know I have- where things don't make sense, where it seems like things should be easier, like how our life is isn't in line with where it authentically could and should be.


Of course, I then consider that had Jack Ma not have endured those rejections, if easier doors would have opened for him, would he have achived all that he has today? I doubt it.


That's my AliBaba story. That's my experience with the brand; It's both a symbol of and avenue for self-determination.

Reply # Alibaba Saved our Home!

My story is like many others... I worked in a factories most of my life and one by one the shut down! I was in a place and time in my life where I was loosing everything, I could move across the country and take my children out of school and they would loose all their life long friendships!
I was online looking for some Welding equipment to supplement my income AND I found
After a week or so of investigation and a long talk with my wife, We decided to take the Chance and open our own Business. We were very surprised how helpful the suppliers were and the quick response time to any questions we had.

As I'm typing this we have 1008 Bath bomb sets offloading in The Port of New York! We have ordered Jewelry, Salt lamps, essential oil and home goods from

We ARE very satisfied with the quality of service and the products they provide!

We will be opening a retail store to complement our online sales in the next few months.

This type of financial freedom would not be possible without


An Immigrants Story

My name's Abdul Khan and I am an ambitious second year dental student in Chicago, Illinois. My parents came to the USA from the slums of Karachi, Pakistan. Hearing Mr. Ma speak on YouTube and through various interviews was like hearing my father speak. It was very motivational. I started selling online and importing scrubs through the website. I have not gotten used to the website completely but definitely look forward to it. It would be a dream come true to hear Mr. Ma speak live and learn from him. I am very inspired by his work and hope to make a similar impact in the field of dentistry.

Reply # dairous


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Reply # Alibaba : know your supplier and know your customer ....both

Alibaba ,  a great meeting place for buyers and suppliers .

I did not know how and when i have established a full fledge  trading business .

Good place to get competitive supplier and price .


Quality ,Warranty support is still an issue , a missing  mechnism  with alibaba.

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Hi there:

This is Celine from Guangzhou,I have been working as business interpreter and agent for 10 years, please allow me to introduce myself as follows(P.S:.I have my own car)



10 years experiences in export business, Well know the local resources, professional in sourcing. Sociable, flexible, effective communicator, excellent in negotiation.Responsible in quality control & inspection.

Familiar Fields:
Sanitaryware,Construction/Building material, Furniture, Kitchen /bathroom cabinet, Fashion Accessories, Fabric, Cosmetic/Hairdressing products, Lightings, Home Appliance,Cargo Shipment ect.


• Products Sourcing
• Supplier/Factory Visiting

• Business Meeting/Negotiations

• Purchase Assistant
• Follow up order
• QC & Inspection
• Shipment (By air& By sea)

• Export consulting

• Agent

• Car Service

• Tourist guide

• Hotel reservation





Cell: (0086)18144862848


Add: 16th Huacheng Dadao,Zhujiang Newtown,Guangzhou,China

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