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Sourcing plays a crucial role in starting a business.


Request for Quotation (RFQ) service on is the first step to realizing your business. Check out how RFQ help these founders set their business up for success!


Jennifer Jackson, Laila London Founder


“Request for Quotation service on is very useful because normally we get a response from them within 24 hours so we don’t have to keep waiting for an answer and we can get multiple quotes from different manufactures for a same item.”


Kate Smith, The Makery Founder 


“I recommend using Request for Quotation service because it saves you lots of time. You only have to put in your request once and will contact relevant and approved suppliers that can meet your needs.” 


Natalie Petrov, Fifteen Fifteen Founder 


“Request for Quotation service is very convenient because you are able to reach plenty of manufactures and suppliers at a touch of a button. The information you get is timely and collated in one place so you don’t have to be searching through multiple spreadsheets for quote comparisons.”


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I am a new member of alibaba from India. Had opened an account with an intent to sell at Online marketplaces in India. But what I noticed is that most of your products are priced keeping in mind the American and European sellers. 


There are hardly any items which any South Asian member can purchase here and sell in their local region. It is not at all competitive. 


It's just a feedback. At least you should have some section dedicated to south asian traders.




Raghu Acharya

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Alibaba Shy


Re: See what others are saying about RFQ!

Friend could you help me?

Friend would like to know if this company is reliable in Alibaba

Shenzhen Flyda Technology Co., Ltd.


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