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Taxes and other Charges in the Philippines 3 replies,774 views


Hello everyone.


I'm planning to start a retail business here in the Philippines, but I'm on my trial run.

If you guys have clients from the Philippines or if you are retailing from the philippines also.

I am already planning to pay a supplier for trial products that they have quoted.


The supplier Charged me shipping cost and no shipping provider listed.

My question is, Will the products arrive right at my doorstep or do I have to pick it up in some place?


I will be paying the supplier a shipping fee for the product does it include shipment directly at my doorstep?


Is the total of the quote the only amount I am going to pay, or do I also have to pay other stuff like Philippine Customs when it arrives here?


Thank you very much for answering. 

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shipment to Philippines

Dear Jeromizl,


hi, this is Elaine from TIC: The Inspection Company. 


From your message, I understand you have shipment to Philippines. 


We highly recommend to have inspection for each shipment.


Too many mistakes happens in factories which can cause massive problem for the clients. 

If products do not meet clients spec, or even don't match the EU and CE regulations,  it's a big problem.


How about a trial inspection that you can verify performance, quality and the benefit for the client.











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if there using DHL i think its door to door. same here gusto ko rin mag start nang business next year and im searching for good suppliers also. 

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pano pag air express? sabi kasi sakin yan daw cheapest e. may taxes pa kaya na babayaran pag yan ang shipping na ginamit?

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