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Hello, Today is Jan 24 20017 I have order 500222879303480 created and paid at 2016-10-29 on Aliexpress. Seller have provided tracking number TEAPY1051643517YQ and according information from site of Logictic company it is came to Russia at 2016.11.10 and was relesed by Custom at 2016-11-19. I have sent message to Seller at 2017-01-12 that i will request money back if does not recieve money back on next week. Seller responded that he checked with logistic company and they said that package still in Custom. From that moment i decide do not wait another week and have opened disput. Seller have asked me to cancel dispute and didnt undestand his mistake. At 2017-01-24 AliExpress Case Management Team provided decision with one Option :wait another week AliExpress Case Management Team didnt saw that Seller or Logistic company provided wrong information. Im VERY UPSET with that and I didnt feeling me protected by Ali from fraud sellers any more. In this case I can not recommend anymore to use Aliexpress as trade platform. Also i do not recommend to seller "Onfine Leo" Thanks
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