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I ordered a test run of 200 coffee mugs from this company (YIMU CUSTOM BRAND COMMODITY) . When the packages arrived, half of them were busted and broken. I contacted them to let them know about the POOR packaging. They acted as if the boxes they shipped my product in was suitable to ship from China to the U.S??? I expected some to be broken roughly about 10% but not half!?!?!?!?

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this is Elaine from TIC. From your message, I understand you have received broken mugs form China 


We highly recommend to have inspection for each shipment.


Too many mistakes happens in factories which can cause massive problems for the clients.

If products do not meet clients spec, or even don’t match the EU and CE regulations, it’s a big problem.


How about a trial inspection that you can verify performance, quality and the benefit for the client.




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