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An upgrade from Alisource, RFQ (Request for Quotation) is one of’s main services to help buyers source quicker and easier. Instead of searching for products, buyers simply submit a RFQ specifying their request and matching suppliers will provide quotes in return. This helps buyers to save time and cost by comparing quotes from multiple suppliers easily.

With RFQ, you can:

Get Quotes for Your Custom Request
Connecting with thousands of top suppliers is simple!

Let the Right Suppliers Find You
Quickly get quotes from multiple suppliers in one place.

Close Deals with One Click
It’s never been easier to select the right supplier.


One Request, Multiple quotes.

RFQ, Always Meeting Your Needs.


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looking for bags outer plastic inner foil for packing nuts and it should come on a roll

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I am interested in your product and will like to have my trademark name on the item I am buying? 

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I am looking for hair shampoo and conditoners. 

Im looking for quality products. 

Looking for shampoo that has plenty of Suds when applied. 


Wanted: Shampoo / Conditioners & Skin Coffee Scrub

Quatity: 100 Each to Start with

Size: Shampoo & Conditioners: 5L or Larger - I can fill into smaller containers if necessary


Coffee Scrub: Prefer jar rather than a Bag

Size: Best Value for Clients home usage


Location: Delivered to Belfast, Northern Ireland


Quotations please welcome. 





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You could use free Alibaba Request for Quotation service to submit a RFQ and you will get multiple quotes from suppliers. Click here to submit a RFQ: Click here to learn more about RFQ:
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Hello. I am John Brokx, engineer for Macadamia Holdings New Zealand.

We are looking for a 2 head linear weigher made to our requirements.

We need 2 wide chutes and 2 narrow chutes (this is very important) to weigh macadamia nuts.The wide chutes should close when the target weight is nearly reached, and the narrow chutes make the final adjustment to reach the target (coarse and fine fill).

One machine needs to fill small bags of 100g and also bulk bags of 8000g, at different times.

We need a 150mm outlet for the bulk bags and a reducer for quick change over to 50mm for the small bags, with out the need for tools.

The machine should be capable of filling 8000g in one fill.

We need a foot switch to operate the machine. We don't need a packaging machine. 

We need a level sensor on the upper storage funnel for automatic fill.

The upper storage funnel should have a capacity of 20 litres or more. Please give sizes.

Do you use a stepless electric vibrator or stepper motors for filling?

The touch screen needs to be in English, and the brand Siemens or Omron.

What brand of load cell do you use? Details please.

Please provide photos from both sides, front and back and inside the top funnel.

The machine should be built of 304 s/s. Please provide a drawing, including dimensions, of the machine.

Only quote if you can meet our requirements please.

Port of destination is Auckland New Zealand.

Provide price fob and conditions of sale.

Thank you for your time.






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we are looking for kp-lok needle valve,kp-lok monoflange,kp-lok dbb valve,kp-lok manifold valve 



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pinchos wrote:

looking for bags outer plastic inner foil for packing nuts and it should come on a roll


Hello Pinchos, 


This is Eileen from SBD Packaging which is a manufactory with over 20 years. We are able to offer the bags in roll. Could I have your email to talk more please?





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