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An upgrade from Alisource, RFQ (Request for Quotation) is one of’s main services to help buyers source quicker and easier. Instead of searching for products, buyers simply submit a RFQ specifying their request and matching suppliers will provide quotes in return. This helps buyers to save time and cost by comparing quotes from multiple suppliers easily.

With RFQ, you can:

Get Quotes for Your Custom Request
Connecting with thousands of top suppliers is simple!

Let the Right Suppliers Find You
Quickly get quotes from multiple suppliers in one place.

Close Deals with One Click
It’s never been easier to select the right supplier.


One Request, Multiple quotes.

RFQ, Always Meeting Your Needs.


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looking for bags outer plastic inner foil for packing nuts and it should come on a roll

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I am interested in your product and will like to have my trademark name on the item I am buying? 

Re: Request for Quotation-One Request, Multiple Quotes!

good alibaba, like our Ma Yun very much.  but we have many products,who want it, can contact me.

also can send email to us:


site online :


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I am looking for hair shampoo and conditoners. 

Im looking for quality products. 

Looking for shampoo that has plenty of Suds when applied. 


Wanted: Shampoo / Conditioners & Skin Coffee Scrub

Quatity: 100 Each to Start with

Size: Shampoo & Conditioners: 5L or Larger - I can fill into smaller containers if necessary


Coffee Scrub: Prefer jar rather than a Bag

Size: Best Value for Clients home usage


Location: Delivered to Belfast, Northern Ireland


Quotations please welcome. 





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