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#1 Ltd - are CHEATERS !!!


They took your money and You ll never see your ordered and paid products!!!

We will appreciate if we can receive informations on companies who can check them, china police, and so on.


The latest contact details I have about Ltd :



skype: chenggongdianzi


Manager: Wendy




Office address: Room2003,Futian building, Futian District, Shenzhen,China.


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Re: Ltd - are CHEATERS !!!

hi bro

    this is stive chin ,we have build a comunicate community i am in shenzhen now if you need any help you can connect me.

Re: Ltd - are CHEATERS !!!

Dear Monika,

I'm so sorry that you are cheated by this bad chinese merchant. I saw its website, it's good. Please be careful. Electronic industry is not good this year and so many cheater outside. you can ask supplier give contact information of  one of their customer and website. you can make sure with supplier's customer.         I hope your business can be better and better in the future.

Re: Ltd - are CHEATERS !!!

Hi Stive,

your accunt is not available more also I cant contact you, but if you ll send me your contact details, I will highly appreciate your kind help in that case.


Thank you very much

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If their account is closed you should stay away from them.  Also be careful about someone in China who wants to help you.  I bet they ask you for money at some point.

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Who else has suffered from this company?

Re: Ltd - are CHEATERS !!!

can someone verified this company scam or not


Shenzhen Rising Electronics Industry Co., Ltd.

Email: Celia@Szrising-Industry.comMSN:

Gtalk: Skype: Szrising

Website URL:

Telephone No: 0086 755 36842675 Fax No: 0086 755 36842675

Re: Ltd - are CHEATERS !!!

BEWARE, next websites of the cheaters!


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They are a scam.  You cannot purchase iPhones and other name brand electronics from China!!!  They just started that website last month and only registered the domain for one year.  That alone shows them to be a scam.

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