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Multiple products from multiple suppliers to the US 2 replies,587 views


Is it possible to order multiple products from different suppliers in China and have it shipped to the US? What would be the east and most cost effective way to accomplish this for a 20' container?


Also, what would be the ballpark price of shipping from China to Minnesota, USA, assuming it is a 20' container with mostly stone products(so heavy loads).

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Re: Multiple products from multiple suppliers to the US

Exactly possible.

One economical way is to notify all your supplier delivering your productions to a warehouse of your shipping agent.And your shipping agent will arrange your shippment and load the container.

Of course all above procedure is finished by your agent.What you should do is just send all details of your supplier to shipping agent,or send the warehouse address to your supplier,then wait for your goods!

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Re: Multiple products from multiple suppliers to the US

you just need to find one forwarder company,help to load your differenct suppliers cargo at warehouse,then finish custom and ship to USA.


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