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I payed for a prduct on Aliexpress, not long ago i cancelled the my order becuase it was taking forever to ship it. I did that since 20th of September 2013 and ever since then, the seller have refused to refund my money. I sent several messages but none was replied, please help i don't know what to do again.

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Dear Sirs/Madame,

We are Turkish American company located in Istanbul Turkey and NJ-USA.

We have made sales contract agreement with one Malaysian company called Meitzner Group of COMPANIES ( ).

Goods has been shipped from Port –Port Klang THEY SAID

We have placed an trial order based on supplied good quality sample origin New Zealand. We have paid advance payment 9225 usd through \3d PROMOPLASTIC INC-NEW JERSEY USA.We have paid to bank accounts disclosed on Proforma invoice attached. We have paid 5125 ( IAIL ENTERPRISE AND 4100 usd SHAFIN TRADING TOTAL 9225 USD

Official sales manager Mr.Syful Suleman ( Phone Number: 60136946375, e mail ,used on skype and correspondance : Syful Suleman and organized and made shipment via shipping company Glomair Shipping Sa. Our sales contract and proforma invoice were CIF shipments so they have used their own freight company. Attached you can find documents.

However when they requested %60 balance payment against original documents but we found out freight company Glomair is Fraud. . The phone numbers on web page is fake.We have talked to one guy in shipping company through Mr.Suleman,he supplied us 601-126-132-705, They said they will return shipment because we didn't pay BALANCE. In international freight law forwarder can not return shipment without getting permission from Consignee or Notify which is us.

They have no agent in Turkey.They gave one person's phone number in turkey which is cell phone ( Phone No: 90 534 587 6658) and We have talked to this person and he said they may be FRAUD. Because freight company didn't supply all necessary info and documents to him.All we know is vessel will arrive on 6th of October.Vessel didn't arrive yet and we didn't receive any notification.

They have no safe transport information.Our sales contract based on safe transportation. We have checked bill of lading and most of details are incorrect. So I believe there is no shipment and we are under FRAUD action.

We need your help on this matter.Please pass this info any related department so we can get useful information. We are also planning to apply USA EMBASSY in Kuala Lumpur. We had project with malaysia up to 500000 usd and we were planning to ship to Turkey on contract basis and now we have to put on hold because of this FRAUD ACTION.

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