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What does this mean? : Your Payment is Being Verified . 30 replies,44040 views


Hi,dear! What does this mean? : Your Payment is Being Verified ...Money on my account taken away, but writes: Your Payment is Being Verified.

Thank for answer!

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Your payment will be confirmed on supplier order site after 24 hours.

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Order Time: 09:39 Jun. 10 2013

Now : 17:30 Jun. 11 2013 still Your Payment is Being Verified

NOT 24 hours :(

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My payment is being verified but I have the wrong shipping address. Do I wait until they verify the payment in order to tell them that the shipping address is wrong? Please help I do not wanna loose my money or order.

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I paid with credit card thinking it would be faster but it's the same thing as paying through bank billet?? Shoudn't the payment be on-line? Why does it take 24 hours??

Re: What does this mean? : Your Payment is Being Verified .

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it says my payment is being verified but my money is gone....????

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Hey dear , I know what 'YOUR PAYMENT BEING VERIFIED ' but i thought it spend a time less than 24 hours.

But its not working , is it means not accepted ? 

It is still  ' your payment being berified' is it ok?

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What happens if payment is not verified after 24 hours - would this be normal or should I do something?

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I'm new to shopping on this website but I think maybe it's because of, you know those mix $10 fore free shipping thing, if you bought less then 10$ then you have to select shipping price too. anyway while i was thinking this was the reason, i bought something from a freeshipping market but it also has the same message. I don't get it now -_-

verifying payment.

hello , what happens if 24 hours pass and it's still verifying my payment even though my money is gone.

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