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LCL Expensive Port fees Hidden charges when importing to NZ from UK FOB 3 replies,2467 views

[em8][em9]I've just been handed a quote by a logistics company to take our 5 pallets off the boat from the UK and clear them for customs. They have provided an LCL quote which can only be described as crazy. It would seem to take 5 pallets and clear them is going to cost a staggering $1550 and that's before any concessions are paid to customs or GST is paid. Our freight from UK to NZ is going to work out at half what they are charging to simply open and container and load the pallets onto a lorry? There's all sorts of extra admin fees and other things that are not explained. Even the customs site has no info about LCL port charges? Our suppliers arranged delivery FOB to Wellington but we are having to pay port fees in Auckland? They want to charge $85 per c/m just for unloading the container. The stock is needed but is now going to be sold at a loss due to these crazy charges. How do businesses make any money in NZ if they have to pay almost $200 per pallet just to clear it? Can anyone tell me if this is normal?
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Re: LCL Expensive Port fees Hidden charges when importing to NZ from UK FOB
I haven't send anything to NZ for quite a long time so I am not too familiar with their charges. But this does seem quite excessive.

Having said that, for the quantity of goods you purchased there are probably a lot of "minimum charges" which would not seem as excessive if the quantity was higher.

I cannot really offer much in the way of support for your existing account, but I would suggest for future reference you need to know fully what is the actual shipping cost and what are all the associated costs. A good forwarder should be able to tell you this and offer a quote before shipping so you know up front what you are up against.

There are instances where they may reduce the shipping cost but you then pay higher charges at the destination.

I would also ask several different operators of their costs so you can get a good comparison.

As for being charged at Auckland for a delivery to Wellington, I have no idea. And yes, I would suggest that small quantities+ shipping costs is a good reaosn why NZ can be an expensive place to buy some stuff.

Re: LCL Expensive Port fees Hidden charges when importing to NZ from UK FOB
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