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I recently bought a catering trailer for a client that had in the end beed very badly built by a Gold supplier. All shipping charges have been payed but I still received a bill In the UK that was requested by the Chinese shipping agent (Acording to the UK Agent). Here is the list of charges.

Terminal Handling                                                       £629

Delivery Order                                                             £ 40

Documentation                                                            £ 25

Port Security                                                               £ 25

Temp ROE Differential                                               £425

China Import Service Charge                                     £519.75

Customes Clerance                                                    £135

Now the two main charges that I am not happy with are the Temp ROE Differential and the China Import service charge. Never mind the very high rates for everything else. Has anyone heared of these two charges and should the UK agent really be involved in these charges as it is not a UK port side charge. I have been told that both charges are a back hander to the shipping agent. Any information would be appreciated. I dont want to mention the companies involved as yet.

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Re: over charged shipping
In reply to your message, I am thinking that you have either arranged shipping through your supplier or have opted for the cheapest shipping rate.

In any case, sorry but you are being ripped off. These charges you are talking about seem to be well in excess of what you should need to be paying.

I cannot know for sure, but there are many cases of shippers providing cheap shipping to sell the service, then loading the charges at the destination. So in fact you end up paying more in the long run.

Unfortunately, other than lodging a complaintand hoping you can get a discount, it is going to be very difficult to get get away from this because the forwarder will not doubt not release your goods until they have been paid.

Here is a further explanation:-

And if you are not satisfied with your end result, please register and complete a review of thes epeople on the above website. That way at least others will see what they do.

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