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Money taken from my credit card!! 4 replies,7337 views


Hi Folks,

I want to ask if this is normal...

I corrisponded with a seller, we struck a deal, he begrudgingly agreeded to ESCROW, I placed and order via ESCROW and the seller changed his mind and said w didn't want to do ESCROW - so my order is still sat there in limbo. (I asked alibaba how to cancel it twice but never had a reply). I reported the seller to Alibaba as recommended for the ESCROW issue... no reply.

Anyway - I then notice £5 or so taken from my credit card from "AliExress Dover DE".

Is this normal? What is this for please? My transaction is still sat waiting to expire.



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ATTENTION...................NEVER MENTIONED BEFORE!!!! Dear friends. Like hundreds of others, i have also been a fraud victim by one of the sellers in Aliexpress site. After making an inquiry, i realized that there must be tons of fraud sellers in here. For example, for one item which i was searching, All 7 sellers providing this thing, ALL DIRECTLY REFUSED TO BE PAID BY ESCROW. So, i reported my case and for days now my payment is frozen and under "investigation"................ Well, i made some thoughts and also i read from some people, that the existance of fraud sellers in Alibaba's-Aliexpress's-Escrow's site, is not their will and fault. Well.............................i am afraid that they encourage this system and i will explain why. I paid in Euro. So someone converts my money to usd and if and when, i will be refund, they will convert again from usd to euro. Of course my money are staying on their hands for at least few weeks, as long the "investigation" takes place! Now, consinder all these conversions of all MY, YOURS, EVERYBODIES MONEY, how much profit give to them!!!!!!!!!! I do not know who but someone is making biiiiiig money from all these conversions for the fraud transactions. Think about it. Other, vastly bigger e-shopping sites, have the ways to control their sellers and nothing happens and this site is like a nest for them. If they realy wanted to get rid of them, they could ask for a Guarantee deposit of an amount from the sellers, so in case of fraud, penalties could be paid by them and everybody would think twice to play this game again. But noooooooo.............. So use your common sense and tell me if you do not suspect that Alibaba-Aliexpress-Escrow are not deliberately involved in this trick. Do not ask me, you will make the conclusions. Please, the only way to protect rest of the people from loosing their money too, is to pass on this message and never use Alibaba's-Aliexpress's-Escrow's sites again. This way we will make them to get a real job and stop cheating innocent people which had the bad luck to trust them. With compassion the other fellow victims. Regards Cris.
Re: Money taken from my credit card!!
Supply a call to alibaba, i think they will make all the things clear for you.
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Reply #refund made on a dispute purchased.

Hello Alibaba.

I am elisking Emi by name, I had an account with this email( I am contacting you about a refund dispute that was made with Judith Jiang with his email(


Item handsome men's Korean lapel design long winter black/GREY trench coat jacket.


Order no (613 869 659 73430)

Order time (22:18 mar 15 2014)

Shipping no (RC096209892CN)


Please I want you to reply me with details about this purchased if a refund was made on my card regarding the dispute on the item made because I have been in contact with the seller and he said a refund has been made so please kindly confirm if a refund was made truly And if it is made please help me by providing the exact number on the card been use and the day the refund was processed.


If you have any questions please contact me immediately, I await your feedback.



Elisking Emi

323 592 5223.

Fraudlent Transaction on my card

Hello Aliexpress,


I want to report a fradulent transaction that happened on my card,


I got a notification from my bank that some huge amount of money has been authorized from Aliexpress.


I contacted my bank and i was told that the money has been transfered to the loot fund waiting for the merchant to claim it,


Please stop the merchant from claiming this money, i have never shopped on your site before and i intend doing that.


Kindly reach me on this mail or call me on this mobile +2348063205715.


Awaits your prompt response.






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