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Can you accept homosex? 9 replies,2169 views

Can you accept homosex?

Love between two men or two wowen, it is very common today. Some people accept, some not. In my opinion, I can accept, this is just their choice and freedom, as long as they won't hurt other people. And society should make some rule to supervise them.

From Maggie
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"If all my chickens were homosexual, I wouldn't have eggs for breakfast in the morning" ... unknown.

What if the whole nation were homosexuals and lesbians? There will be no soldiers to fight and defend the country. There will be more children in the classrooms, no more babies, and the generation ages and dies off without any offsprings.
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Re: Can you accept homosex?
so intresting!
Re: Can you accept homosex?
Can't accept! it is so strange on my opinion!!
Re: Can you accept homosex?
And moreover, in Bible Record,What God most hates is just homesex!
Re: Can you accept homosex?
"If all my chickens were homosexual, I wouldn't have eggs for breakfast in the morning" ... unknown

Unknown obviously didn't know much about how hens lay eggs.
Re: Can you accept homosex?
Hi ASR Info, you are so humored, but it is fact and is also truth!
Re: Can you accept homosex?
@vency han.

Let me humour you some more.

If all his chickens were homosexual then eventually he would have no more chickens at all because there would be no breeding and they would all eventually die.

But as he implies he has chickens, even if they were homosexual, hens would still lay eggs. Don't believe it?? Look up the definition of fertilised and unfertilised eggs. Hens lay eggs whether or not they are fertilised.

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