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Hello all, I need some advice. I am a first time importer of dietary supplements from China. I have read about the FDA regulations, but I am still worried. For now I am only importing about 5 Kg of merchandise . Supplier is registered with FDA. Parcel will get via Mail.
I am a private importer, NOT a company. These articles are for my private use. Need to know what paperwork to do before merchandise gets into the States, and whatever I have to do. I cannot take a broker, would be too expensive, just for a small package. Value of the whole is U$ 500. Maybe someone , that has done ithis  before, can help me,. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Importing dietary supplements to usa
maybe you need to do a research from your custom, and see how much value would be the limit for requiring FDA.
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Re: Importing dietary supplements to usa
Hi Elecpack, thanks so much for the reply. Still doing some research.People in customs sometimes seem it is the first time they do this job.

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