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I think the most customers send inquiries to many suppliers. If it is a trial order, customers try to understand the average market price for products. So they want to get quotation from different suppliers, and compare prices. So its common situation, all you have to do is prepare good looking quotation with reasonable prices.
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Even after giving the buyer before quoting them the price and after much telephone and skype calls, as soon as we give the Pro forma from our supplier, they disappear with the information. What is the solution for this? Maybe just give pro formas on our own letterhead and ask for Transferable LC's? Any suggestions?
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In the US we are use to seeing a price on the box...and our culture is not use to so much negotiation we look, see the price, make a decision and move on.
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I support what you said. In my experiences, I think, when the people who think you are honest and reliable, he would be attracted to communicate with you and ask you more details about products.

In the last two month, I received several inquiries from foreigners, but  no further contact any more. So I thought there must be something wrong with the way I contact with them. I have to think a twice before replying an inquiry.

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Basic things to understand when selling online:

All enquiries are not 100% need to analyse the potential buyer

No buyer has time to spend time online and get info and price if he is not an real buyer, you have to build your relations with them from the day one

ANy buyer check price and products from atleast 3 supppliers, choose finally one, the one who gets order thinks he is real buyer...the other 2 thinks the buyer is fake...

Its sales job to give required info and price to the buyer,thats one way of promoting your company and reaching the buyers,may get results later one day

So..never feel bad or get iriitated...its your job so do it with happy mood



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It is our Necessity to Quote "though they buy or Not". Almost 1/100 in our enquiry if clicks that is sufficient to say we win the deal.
There is no exact Short Cut of choosing genuine buyers ...
Dear Sir, your problem is so common as now these days online buyers have lots of opportunities as he searches one product and gets ten suppliers with good quality products and features ... so just by clicking on any supplier , buyer can get average price ... but for suppliers it becomes a challenge because to follow him and send a full proforma invoice etc. ... So i think problem can be resolved if Online Portal allow only 10 any suppliers contacts in a day so buyer can choose with full seriousness not for joke .. what you think ??
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Re: Yes ,it is hard to me ,why many people just want...
I would like to advise all sales to think about one thing. If we go shopping to buy shoes, will you simply go to one shoe store and then quickly pick up the shoes and pay the money? My answer is NO. I'll compare both the quality and price and then choose the best. Moreover, sometimes the attitude which salesman shows will also influence my choice.
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winpartvip1 wrote:
Yes ,it is hard to me ,why many people just want ask you the products' price?I spend my time to reply them ,but she or he do not have a response.I so sad about this .
Reply # 19 shaheerTkhan
In my experience, many Chinese suppliers don't understand that buyers from Western countries and developed countries in Asia and roundabouts like to get a bunch of prices and compare the quotations before they enter into any negotiations. Many Chinese suppliers do not respond with clear answers and accurate quotations, which puts off the buyer. And in this day and age when thousands of suppliers can be found with just a click, buyers move on to finding suppliers that DO answer questions properly and reply with exact quotations.

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