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First time buying here on Alibaba and i must say its been VERY frustraiting.

Ive talked with the supplyer and we have sorted out what i need to buy and he asked me to make a purchase order.. Now i cant find where to make this "Purchase Order" anywhere.

What do i need to do to, or where do i need to go, to make a purchase order?


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Re: Purchase Order
don't you have their email address
find their web send email to them ,
or contact with them from Alibaba
Re: Purchase Order
I have been in contact with them through Alibaba and they have told me to give them a purchase order.
Where do i fill out this purchase order? Do i do it online? Do they send me one to fill out ? How do i get their bank details for payment?

Re: Purchase Order
Purchase Order,
is not a special document, just a list of what you want to purchase,
what you need to do is here.

1. A paper with your company tittle
2. Your purchase order number which is a series numbers for future refference.
3. Date
4. Contact person and contact information
5. what products you are going to purchase with the item number, quantity, your supplier's price. total amount,
6, shipping time
7, port of shipment
8. some other dealing conditions, like issurance, packing details.

purchase order = shopping list.

Hope my explaination helps you anyway.
Re: Purchase Order
ask the Alibaba`s service people, they will help you, or you can place a order to them by youself.

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I think what they mean is 'place an order' which is on the very first page you viewed your item
Re: Purchase Order
I think what they mean is 'place an order' which is on the very first page you viewed your item
Re: Purchase Order
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Re: Purchase Order
playing order is so difficult?
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Re: Purchase Order

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