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The raising Ocean freight. 6 replies,834 views


Rencently ,the shipping company raise the price ,that making us cost more ,next month will be another price .what about your company ?Friends

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Re: The raising Ocean freight.
The freight charge is variable every week, it is normal thing.You can bargain with shipping company.
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[em18] thank you ,I have already asked ,and I know ,the price is always raising ,Jesus !
Re: The raising Ocean freight.
since there are so many shipping companies and you can ask the price and compare
Re: The raising Ocean freight.
I don't think shipping price goes up, it should be down, because there are less and less of goods for them to ship.
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As you can see ,the price have already raised on May  ,some of transport capacity are sealed by the shipping companies ,and the result is .......................
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As you can see ,the price have raise on May ,there is no doubt that less goods affect transport capacity ,however ,part of that are sealed by the shipping company and the price goes up .Somebody may be angry for that but they can do nothing ! 

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