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They say google  is theMOST useful tool to find  foreign  customers ,MOST  means better  than all of B2B . For example alibaba

Frankly speaking,I just use it as a searching tool for the  begining ,then I find that B2B all over the world is more easy to find customers REALLY FIT YOU .

And google is only   used  when you find  the right person's email


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Re: how to find customers in google
alibaba is most popular for member paid , google is most useful to search foreign customer if you find yourself without any payment.
Re: how to find customers in google
thank you sir ,that's right .And It is well known that you can find any customer by google ,any message ,as you like.Google is the most useful tool for someone who really know it .
Re: how to find customers in google
it just means it's easy to find the custmoers‘ information, but not mean that you can contact with the customers.
Re: how to find customers in google

that's useless, instead of sending spam email.
my suggestion is :
1. create a great website and let google pick it up.
2. do research of the hot sale item and develop new products according to this research.

These two tips is from my personal opinion, and I think it can save a lot of factories. Who still stick to the traditional marketing way, who will die.

I almost want to offer the marketing service to save Chinese factories. 

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Re: how to find customers in google
I have been kept search and sent email for almost two month .That's because I know someone got big success through this methord .So I think maybe I haven't caught the right way ,ro maybe I haven't done enough...
I know alibaba is too passive .But what is the activeway?
Do the traditional market change?
And our methord must change ,urgently?
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Elecpack ,thank you for your sincerely suggestions. I really admire  you soooooo much 
Reply # 4 kelande

 Do business by probability is a very popular way. It cost the less  and we often hear the news of someone win a prize.

Everyone do it  because everyone can do it ,right?

Re: how to find customers in google
there is a will, there is a way.

sounds like cliche, but it is true, who keeps to the last and to the client's requirements gets the clients.
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More patient  more serious more persistence 
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Oh  dear , I can't get it .What 's that about?

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