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I just got one order,feel very good,and the customer paid quickly.All look so good!but the bad luck  here!boss told me that one of the goods was out!Too bad!I must tell the customer,but how to say,I have tried my best to explain the situation.but customer can't accept the result.He thought we have cheated him.He is very angry! I can understand his feelings,but I really don't want to cheat him!We try to ask him to change to other products,but he didn't accept.Just asked to return the amount otherwise he will complain to the PayPal!Really too bad!What shall I do with such situation?Who can help me?
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Re: It's really bad lucky day!
you are the only one who can help you. Products are exchangeable. Find the product from some other supplier / even if you have to pay more. On this way you can make your customer happy again. Other possibility: pay him back the money and go look for the next customer to come.
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Thanks a lot for your suggestion!Yeah,you're right,we paid back the customer's money,and the problem is settled,he is satisfied with the result.Now I understood why he is so angry,because this is our first business,and he thought we wanted to cheat his money,but we quickly returned made him know that we really want to do business with him,not want to cheat him.We still have chance to cooperate.I have learned you must stand other side to think about the question.[em2]
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give me his email adress and i can help you to inform him. i am a paypal official get me through you need help
Re: It's really bad lucky day!
to be honest and to be sincere,it's very important
Reply # 5 nancysk
Thanks,you're right!for our trading company,it's very important for trading sincerely and honest!I will continue on this way![em17]
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[em19]  learned a lot ,thank you
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learned a lot ,thank you
Re: It's really bad lucky day!
Good for you.

We all make mistakes and there is always some type of problem to resolve.

It is how we fix the mistakes and problems that makes all the difference.

What you did was display some good service and provide an ethical solution.

With any luck, intead of going away angry this customer may even come back to you again. All because of the way you responded.

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[em1]Learn it.thanks!
Re: It's really bad lucky day!
if you think this customer is so important , and you can't resolve the problem currently,The best way accept his suggestion.

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