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I'm hoping that this will help some suppliers in getting more business from prospective clients. When advertising your products on Alibaba or other sites and a certain price is advertised on your posting, your credibility suffers when another price is given by email. For example, I saw a company advertising a product for 98 cents each and when inquiring, the price suddenly became $3. A few days later, he was upset that I didn't reply. I took him back to his posted offer that showed a different price and explained that he, in my view, lost credibility. Another important thing to consider is presentation. This is an example of an email I sent to a supplier after they approached to sell me. Some details have been redacted to protect privacy. "Dear XXXX, Thank you for contacting me with your prices. I presume that the quoted prices are FOB, can you please confirm? Also please confirm the port of loading. I would like to know what is your availability on [Item name removed] as well. Furthermore, please advise me of your minimum order requirements and how I could obtain some samples." Right away, some will observe that I had to ask if his price was FOB. It generally is but it's never safe to make assumptions. His reply: "we can make all [varieties of this item] Avialbility : 130,000pcs for samples you have to pay courier and sample charges 190$ and it is not negotiable" So in this reply, the supplier only answered one question which is the cost of samples. Not only is the cost unreasonably high for the item in question (a $1 item for $190) but no other questions are answered. Furthermore, the email is filled with spelling and grammar mistakes. I understand English is a foreign language to many but spellcheck is on all modern computers and should be used. Some don't care about how emails are spelled but some, like me, do. There are many emails received in a day by everyone and little time to read them. Those that are presented well and answer questions concisely with a price remaining constant and not overinflated have the best chances.
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