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Jastreb trgovina d.o.o. (Danijel Tojagic) is Scammer & Fraudster 1 replies,1593 views

We'd love to warn suppliers especially from China and Indonesia not to deal with this company Jastreb trgovina d.o.o. (Danijel Tojagic) from Zagreb, Croatia
Tel/fax: 01/6602-870
Mob: 091/526-1858
jastreb.trgovina @

Here's how they do the scam or fraud:

1) Hire a buying agent owned by Chinese
2) Ask the agent to place orders for many suppliers. Usually the order is small
3) Ask the suppliers to send the order to the buying agent warehouse
The suppliers thinking that the order is small, they trusted the agent, so they send the order without complete payment [em8]
4) Ask the buying agent warehouse to ship the orders

You could read scammer Jastreb trgovina d.o.o. (Danijel Tojagic) victim testimony here:

Thank you
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CV MAYA (Tax id: 02.612.185.5-903.000) Ferdi Aziz (Mr.) is Scammer & Fraudster

CV MAYA (Tax id: 02.612.185.5-903.000)
Ferdi Aziz (Mr.)
Ph/Fax (62 361) 488 721
Web Site:


He will take your money and never deliver the goods. Be careful and do not deal with this company.

He fraud many people. See on this forum.

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