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Problems With an Order of Shenzhen Jie Haixing Technology Co., Ltd. 3 replies,2772 views

Hi, This is my first message here, I hope my english be good and all can understand me .

My name is nacho and Im  from Spain , I have a local shop , and my work is reparair mobile phones  .

The Problem :

Past 9 of fed I did and pay by paypal an Order to the company "Shenzhen Jie Haixing Technology Co., Ltd." ,was the 3 order That I did to this company, and I say to the seller that send the order by DHL , he sayme not problem .... After two days of this, I did a new and little order and say to the seller thant for this order send by EMS . Around 900 USD Both Orders.
After some days I ask to her of the tracking of both orders, and what my surprise that he by own risk and with out asking us , send both order together by EMS .....

So, the first problem with this company, I pay tow shipments 1 by dhl and 1 by ems, and don´t do it .

The second problem is, the shipment send on 24 FEB , we are 7 of March and the package don´t arrive jet to Spain , when normally takes about 4 days to arrive ... I contact with the seller and He say me that is normally and I have to wait ,and because I ask him saome times for this, he sayme that Im very noisy and the blocked in MSN .... Also I contact with "Ms. Nancy Wu" by Alibaba , and she only sayme that they can´t do nothing to help us .....

So, first they don´t send by dhl and ems like I say him and Pay , then the package lost and do not nothing to help de buyer, and for last say us that we are noisy and don´t reply and blocked msn...

if you don´t wants problems, don´t buy to this company . Not professinal .

If anyone Think or has a solution for this, please let me know .

Thanks for your reading.

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Reply # 1 TeknoshopSPAIN
Reply # 1 TeknoshopSPAIN

oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. This supplier is not professinal.

Maybe you can call UPS or EML to ask to work it out. Figure out the problem together is the most important thing.


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Did you recieve your order, if not what did you do????

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