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I always paid to china via LC. (for around 10 years)

Now I want a product, but the seller wants %30-%70 TT.

The seller is safe according to alibaba, (5 years golden).

The question is, when I pay %30 TT. If the supplier doesnt send me the products,

what can I do in legally? Law, ? etc what options do I have in my hands? I am

scared to TT a bit please make me no worries :)

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tt is safe!
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Re: TT safe?
Can you tell me what can I do when supplier doesnt send me my order, and forget me? What are my choices at that moment I wonder?
Re: TT safe?
If you are dealing with the supplier for the past 10 years and have established a system of payment; why do you want to change it ?

If the supplier insists on 30% advance payment, you can insist about a third party verification and the stuffing be done immediately and the B/L issued.

Remaining 70% through bank however payment made only on the arrival of cargo at the port after inspection before the customs clearance.

Hope this helps

Re: TT safe?
The supplier insists on this method:

%30 TT in advance, %70 TT after sending the BL copy by fax.

I bought from this supplier once, with LC, 2 years ago.

What I want to know is, my question is, after I send the %30 TT, what chance I have if the supplier forgets me.? What can I do at that moment?
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Nothing you can do about it, after you send the money. There's no guarantee that they will send the product.
Re: TT safe?
I´ve learned so much and loosed many money also.
T/T is expensives to send money and min 1 week need the banks for the transactions. Everytimes the supplier must pay also %´s by his bank! And if you have a problem (example quality, no ar bad products)- no chance.
Western Union is the same and exorbitant expensives- the customer pay cca. 25% for WU!
Fair play is for the customer and the supplier PayPal. Who don´t want to accept PayPal.... without another comments. This 4% for PayPal is cheaper than you pay together with your supplier by T/T. And the customer is more protected![em19]

Best regards Lux[em46]
Re: TT safe?

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