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Re: Business spoiler symbols to avoid with buyers
[em24] ITs Ture
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You are 100% Correct Anna Zeng
Re: Business spoiler symbols to avoid with buyers
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Thanks. It is good to know that.
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Just like to say your replies and answers on Alibaba forums are the best. They are intelligent and right every time and unlike many your standard of English is very good. This makes a lot of difference for the Western buyer as your communication is understood fully and vice versa. Most Chinese international sales people have poor level of English and do not even bother to check what they have written with spell checkers available in MS Word. They should all practice their English by listening to Radio, Reading, watching on TV or internet any thing in English to learn how natives of England / America use the language.
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[em1] I am buyer but I like to talk with some supplier who will be very friendly, I think we will build friendly business first before we go further.

Re: Business spoiler symbols to avoid with buyers
thanks so much for sharing and i am also want to share with the fashion and besutiful blogs.
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My opinion is that "Business is Communications". The quality of communicating generates mutual respect. ...Mutual Respect is step one in any successful negotiation.

Each party (Buyer and Seller) is searching for clues about the other, short term/long term. Subject to resorting to suggestive comments, the topic becomes confusing. Once tranactions have proven to be good for both parties, there is plenty of time for joking. 

Re: Business spoiler symbols to avoid with buyers
good it is usefull.[em19]
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we should be careful enough when use this sort of symbols, need to take care of word to question and to answer

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