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When a hairpiece company in Qingdao mails defective products should I pay for the return shipping or should they? 

Complicating the matter is how this company is saying one of the two defect is "normal."  It looks like an old person with two weeks of new growth after a dye job.  The other defect, much of the hair "growing" on the side of the hairpiece that attaches to the scalp, is being dismissed as something that happened after they shipped it. 

Making matters worse, the rep says they'll only issue a refund for the product if they determine there is a defect, which they're obviously not going to own up to.

I'll hang up and listen.


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I seem to be in the minority with this view but in my opinion you need to accept the problem and find yourself another supplier. Perhaps look at the transaction as a purchase of samples, you are unhappy with the quality so will not order from them again so have saved yourself a lot of money.

If you have purchased two items from a supplier in China then I think it is fair to consider that a consumer purchase and not really international trade so to speak.

Although there is no international consumer law that I am aware of, had you purchased the item locally in your own country from a local supplier then I suspect that your local consumer law would require the seller to provide you with a refund for goods not as described or not fit for purpose but it would be your responsibility to first return the goods at your own expense to the seller. Some sellers may offer to cover all of your costs in returning the items if they feel that they are at fault but there is no legal obligation for them to do so.

Bear in mind that if you did return the goods to the supplier at your cost you may never see the goods nor a refund so I would not recommend that.

I am not suggesting that it is best business practice for a seller to refuse to help you out but I do understand that such sellers in China believe that you have paid a fair price for what you have received whether you agree with that or not.

Should anyone suggest otherwise in reply to your question it would be interesting if they could post exactly how they recommend you go about following their advice.

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Before you offer the order , you must make confirmation sample. You can ask the supplier for sending the sample to you although you have to pay the freight.But the loss of the freight will lower than the loss of the whole goods!
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If you had signed a formal purchase contract with them before delivery in China, you are suggested to consult a local lawyer in China and seek for better solutions. Anyway this is a kind of negotiation with your supplier in China now. You can also seek official help from local government authorities.   STIN -- YOUR EYES AND OFFICE IN CHINA!

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We are a supplier in China. When meet defective products, we will ask customer to offer some proof. If it is the mistake by us, we make compensation for full lost; If not the mistake by us, such as the misemploy of transport, this should not blame to us.
Re: Defective Product and Return Shipping
I never had same situation, but in my opinion if you can prove that product is defective than that company must not only pay refund for product but also for return shipping.
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The supplier should pay for the shipping
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