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[em11]the world will be with us .

you are not alone,so please happy every day .

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made many resolutions but now its too late..
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Re: 2012 New Year Resolutions
Hi guys,

Christmas coming, good forture and lucky money to all.

Hard to find a gift to your lovely or MR right?[em3]
Re: 2012 New Year Resolutions
I hope do very good business,hope my online store can got order everyday.
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Re: 2012 New Year Resolutions
I wish i can earn much money and then buy house. [em2]
Re: 2012 New Year Resolutions
Yes, finding true love is so difficult for me, I am not so open and brave to finding what I want. My resolution is to be brave in my life, every aspect, including in work, in life, in finding true love, making many more friends.
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Re: 2012 New Year Resolutions
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Re: 2012 New Year Resolutions
i hope have good business partners![em1][em1]
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It is just a rumor. The world will go on as it did before.

Timothy Linton wrote:

I plan to make Sergeant in the U.S. Army by July of 2012.

Doesn't matter, the world is going to end in 2012. Right! [em3]
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