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Re: Why my client nenver reply me ?
Re: Why my client nenver reply me ?
Re: Why my client nenver reply me ?
it is always the case...[em8]
Re: Why my client nenver reply me ?
They are comparing the price and take your quotation to compare with other supplier. If oher supplier cheaper they will buy (or get ripped off) by them!
Reply # 1 chrisliang
Its a normal practice done by most of us. and varies person to person.Most of the people doesnt give replies to all their mails unless they see it useful.
secondly, Most of the people wants to knwo the market situtation for predecting future.
Third - Most of the people does trading here, and they forward  your quotation to their buyers. So if they wont get reply for tht eventually it applies to your quotation.
fourth - May be your price is out of market.
fifth - Probably you are not quoting him exactly or not mentioning the points what the buyer needs.
Sixth - You dont understand your buyer.

So any of the reason may happen with your quotation.
So tkcr of these points while giving any quotations -- unless contact me for future references -

skyped - sujit.jaysingh
Reply # 1 chrisliang
Here again, it is a matter of skills in salesmanship.

Reply #3 could be right, it could be the way you communicate with the inquiring person. If you keep on sending them emails, they think you are desperate and your product is no good, that is why you are so anxious to sell.

Some sales people don't know the basic principles how to sell. Always remember to put yourself in the shoes of the customer, and see it in their perspective.

Do this please: Make a written quotation, include the specifications, technical data, drawings and Certificates of compliance in your mail.
Make clear on these mandatory points: Price, Currency, Delivery Date, Terms and Condition of offer, Payment Terms and Validity of the Quotation. Immediately after you sent the offer, give him/her a call, or message to check if he/she has received your quotation. File the quotation, and go on to next inquiry, do not spend time on the one that you have already done. Two or Three weeks later write them a followup as to the feedback, referring to your quotation reference number and date. Be polite, do not assume, always be ready to serve the customer. if he need more information, you can ask your manufacturing Manager.

I wrote a feedback form in the other Forum, and you can check it, but you can also do your own.

Click the link : LINK

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Reply # 14 holla

Tks for your reply , but can you pls tell me do you think price is the most important factor ?

I mean don't you consider some other factors like quality /delivery time /and after services ?  

waiting for your kindly reply !

Yours truely ,


Reply # 5 sujitjaysingh

i ‘m very glad and much thanks for sharing your  detail informations ,

I 'm Chris , A new saler of China led heat sink products ,.

 Can pls give me some more good skilla  to solve  this problems  ?

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this is a common situation. And what matters is that we should not be affected by this mood. Come onThings will be better tomorrow!
Reply # 6 ruben2030
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