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Re: How to solve sample shipping fees?
Uauslly our samples is free ,but the clients need pay the Express fee ,and we only send free sample to foregn clients.[em19]
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Hi! I had to search for a buying a leather couch online.I had to find a place that was willing to send leather samples. Casey Mahoney Brad P
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i think you can talk with the customer firstly and negoitate it. or you can ask your boss for help
Re: How to solve sample shipping fees?
almost buyers agree to pay shipping fee. If the sample is low price to give them free. If the sample is high value, ask them to pay and return to them when they place a big order.
Re: How to solve sample shipping fees?
about the sample fee and shipping cost, i think we'd better to do it according to different customers
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First: make sure you make the sample perfect. So it can be actually used. Then: charge all the costs to the client but arrange that the client can deduct 50% of sample and shipping fees from the first order payment. If it is a big order you can calculate the sample costs in the order and let him pay back all the costs. IF YOUR SAMPLE IS REALLY GOOD, WELL PACKED AND LABELED AND AS THE CLIENT WANTS IT, THEN A SERIOUS CLIENT WILL BUY FROM YOU AND NOT FROM YOUR COMPETITOR, even if your price is a little bit higher. If a prospect can not agree on that, that he's not a serious buyer. For a existing serious client, I would not nag about anything. Just make the perfect sample and send it to him. And make sure that the production is AS GOOD as the sample. THAT is what makes clients happy. You would be surprised how many clients would pay a little bit more if you make products good or even better than they expected!
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I have been cooperated with a Chinese forwarder for years, and they can provide me the best shipping fee. good luck to u ! is one of them !
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Dear Sir


I think when it come to sample the buyer must pay for shiping costs but must pay only for shipping costs only not for the goods itself.

Re: How to solve sample shipping fees?
this is hard job.for samples order,always lost and do the better for the new customer.also the real customer willing to pay the carrier cost,they need confirm the quality and design from the new supplier.

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