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Re: How to solve sample shipping fees?
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Re: How to solve sample shipping fees?
Our samples are free,but customers pay the freigth,for we are in plastic mould business,we need have the samples firslty,so it is ok for us to send the free samples.
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i recently asked for a sample from a condom supplier.

they were quite happy to send me 6 single samples for free.. which i would have liked to inspect

for QC and make sure the item was the correct ones as advertised before i made an order of 2000pm

Problem came when they said the shipping for 6 single condoms was going to be USD $26..

Seriously, i dont mind paying shipping for samples but it isnt the 1st time i have shipped from there location and

i refuse to pay 8x what the shipping should be.



Re: How to solve sample shipping fees?
seems to me there is an opportunity for a freight business to resolve this problem and make a lot of money in the process!!
Reply # 196 budbug
Budbug, here comes the point: are you looking for free sample, or for a really supplier .. Doris
Reply # 73 Smily_3772
Smily, what's worse, our company charge 3 times of the price for sample.. wordless, expecially when the item we have stock . thank you dear . Doris
Reply # 156 khatvongvietvn
Dear, i like your way to do business . help to run a long relationship . hope this goes on well with you .. Doris
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sample shipping fee is really a problem. many customers dont want to pay it. even if not so much..
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yes,show the customer your price contains the shipping fee,and explain to him you'll return the postage after the final order placed. hope you get the order finally~
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Concentrate on selling your product....have your customers handle their own freight arrangements from home country.

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