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Re: how to find the real and honesty supplier?
[em11]u can not find the honesty suppliers and we the real buyers, thats the situation
Re: how to find the real and honesty supplier?
To judge a good suppliers,there are the points we should be noted: A.Check supplier's website,it looks more like manufactory or trading company.More and different ranges of products,usually are trading company,while for manufactory,there are usually very limited products ranges. B.Check supplier's address and authenticity. Here are the ways: 1.calling to the supplier,asking their address,saying you are on the way to visit their factory or office 2.asking for the local friend's help to check for you. C.Checking supplier's profile,better with the company's picture or the salesperson's picture or by cam to cam.For real suppliers,they usually don't mind to cam or show you their faces. D.Making a business trip to some country is very necessory if you have the chance.For business,You will trust those what you met what you saw how you felt. Wish my suggestion will give you some help. This is Mable from shenzhen,in mobile phone buisness. If needed any help,welcome to contact me. My msn mable_12321 at hot mail dot com Yahoo: etrademable at yahoo dot coM
Re: how to find the real and honesty supplier?
i also wana know ~
Re: how to find the real and honesty supplier?
1.find info from the local government website 2.get useful info from you friends in local area for a professional company of consulting
Re: how to find the real and honesty supplier?
Re: how to find the real and honesty supplier?
Every parties would like the confidence in dealing business, both customer and supplier.

In time-wasting matter, I think people that involved in the business understand their nature, make the dealing go flow more than others that have not study before or just think that wholesale business is like retail or convenience store that have to declare exact price with no minimum quantity or without any constrain of production.

In our silver jewelry business, the price has to be calculated each time of quoting because of market silver price fluctuation and the customization of style. Some detail of material or finishing have constrain or exception that influent the cost or production time. Our partners understand this well will enjoy with our professional process and have confidence along the way of growing business together.

But the problem I see the most is newcomer in this industry think there is the high-quality with better/faster service (than normal can be) with cheapest price, or want to deal with something that is not reasonable (when thinkingas the supplier side), so it is easy to be fooled by unreal professional supplier.

The best tactics I think is to talk and discuss a lot what you suspect or have a question, to guarantee that when you pay, you will receive what exactly like what you hope before. Business is two-way communication, to treat each side as partner is the best, not just super-VIP customer that supplier have to treat everything customer want even not sensible.
Re: how to find the real and honesty supplier?
you have met the same question with me, while I am the supplier, but I have met so many unsincere burers, they want a large quantity that is unbelieveable, so I feel depresed too.[em8]
Re: how to find the real and honesty supplier?
In general I find this site a waste of time...spam factory.
Re: how to find the real and honesty supplier?

Always,we often received the inquity from Nigeria,which make us very disgusted.So i determined to delete all the e-mail from there,

Beacause we did not have to take our products in danger,

Products is our money,time is our money.

Re: Re: how to find the real and honesty supplier?


I am a commercial truck manufacturer in China,can you advise me the sale quantity in your country.


Thanks a lot.


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