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hallo i think i'm victim of the company ltd Manufacturer, Trading Company DUCH FEATHERS,OSTRICH FEATHERS,ROOSTER FEATHERS BAMENDA i paid him 150 $ totaly ammount after he ask me for fee insurence another 100$ 1(00%just refoundable when i recive the packet)that what the right me . Dear Client , Accept Calvary greetings from EMS CAMEROON. we shall like to notify you , that your package was registered to us some few days ago , to be delivered over to you in USA , your parcel is presently at the Glasgow international airport and it has been noticed that your parcel lacks an insurance fee backing it. And as per our normal our normal polices and the state law , a parcel can't be delivered without an insurance fee backing it. Also we shall like you to know this fee paid as insurance fee , is 100% refundable upon , the delivery of the package.That means once your package is delivered to you , the fee you paid to back your package , will also be refunded to you . This implies that the total sum of your goods is 150USD so the total sum you are paying as the insurance fee is 100USD. This will be the sum of the fee backing your parcel. Once we receive this fee, we shall proceed with the delivery of your parcel.) You shall be making the payment through Western union to the name of our accountant below.I doi't i paid. now they said the packet is lost in glasgow scotlhand and they ask me for more money.they give me a track number frome this Tracking Number:ES324567819CM Password:feathers noe they whant anothr 200eur to sand me to spain?Isend you the mail they send to me :Hello Client Sorry for the delay with your parcel there was a mix up some where we apologies for the incoveniences this made might have cost you we request a fee of 220euros to transport your parcel from glascow to spain,it was suppose to be in spain by now your sender just told us ,he will assist you with 120euro and you need to pay 100euro to him once we get this money we shall offer for your parcel to be sent right away if we want to take due process that your parcel be sent back to cameroon ,it will take morethan a month and in that case you might even loose money and time we apologies for this huge mistake and we pray you understand us clear. Your sender even told us you request your refundable insurance document,that is not a problem ,it will be handed over at the time of delivery with your fee of 100usd we do not normally send such a document via email because of hackers Thanks for your understanding what i shoul do? i paid the extra 100eur?thanks in advance pls replay
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Re: fraud or not fraud?cameroon feathers

We are sorry to hear that you have experienced a trade dispute on our website.

However, please kindly note all complaints and responses must be submitted through our complaint center. You are warmly suggested to take following steps:

First, go to our complaint center at

Second, sign in with your account and password (The account you used to contact the complained member).

Third, fill and submit your complaint.

If you already submitted your complaint, please respond to us and learn updates through complaint center directly. It’s unnecessary for you to submit a new complaint.

After receiving your complaint, we will look into your dispute and take serious investigation for this case. Our resolution process is as follows:

1. Acknowledge complaint received from buyer

2. Request detailed evidence from buyer

3. Request detailed evidence from supplier

4. Resolve the complaint
- If it's a normal trade dispute, we encourage both parties to settle it in good terms
- If it's a fraud case, the supplier's account will be suspended or cancelled.

Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.

Online Security Department of

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There' seems to be a trend here... I am also having similar problems with RoosyFashion.

We have paid out over $500.00 and they are still coming up with reasons to not ship our package of feathers. [em5]

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