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Dear Friends,


There are companies on the Alibaba who claim to be companies (Free Enlisted Companies). The will accept any price you offer for the products you are offering ask you for their commission on the price offered. They will even agree to a large sum of advance payment too.


They will negotiate their commission, ask for Performa Offer for and than suddenly they will request you to change the destination to any African port.


If you object the simple satisfying answer would be the L/C / TT will be sent from .


Once these steps have competed you are waiting for Advance payment/L/c you will receive a mail requesting you an x amount of payment to be paid to British Commission to expedite the matter with in couple of days or else you have to appoint an attorney to represent you at the British High Commission to allow your product to be exported to x destination. In both cases you are required to send them x amount of money.


Please be aware, this is known as Nigerian Fraud any money you will send will be lost and you will never receive any payment / Letter of Credit


And Rest assures that the British High Commission can facilitate you in any other country other than you own country.



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Re: Nigerian Fruad
i am a nigerian and i buy on alibaba.i also receive such email....but those people do not represent who we are.fraudstars are everywhere in the world.they operate individually but on alibaba its like a company of thieves in the sense that they are well known by alibaba that says we will confirm receipt before funds sre release to these robbers
if you fall for NIGERIAN FRAUDSTER you are also greedy because you believe crude oil money is flowing all over NIGERIA.monies that are always involved are very high.$2m and above and they promise you over 30% to 50% of what you dont know the brother/sister you are also a THIEF to have believed them.
but the CHINESE will supply something that is of no value.for me the only way out is to be going to DHL everyday.i buy 2 pcs each from different sellers .if one is bad the other might be bad.chinese believe everybody is a liar...that one thing i dont like about them.they call you my friend to collect the money and once it hits their accounts you hear the truth and know who you are dealing with.when you buy a product today and order for the same tomorrow the same supplier will supply a different thing.DO THEY WANT MORE CUSTOMERS or just for the now?BUT some(few) are very WONDERFUL.
Re: Nigerian Fruad
The purpose of my comments wasa neither against any specific Nation nor to target any specific community. I have opted not to disclose the companies for only one purpose and that is not to enter in Blame game. I have been through such circumstances before as well.

Please do not take it personally, there are people in many parts of the world who opt not to business but try to become rich overnight.

THe type of communication made with such people has earned the name for temselves.

Hope you understand
Re: Nigerian Fruad
It is well-known that most nigerian are scammers.
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Re: Re: Nigerian Fruad

Dear Friends,


It will not be fair to generalize the opinion for every Nigerian. There are good business people too after all is a big business community.


The only thing that traps any one is greed. Work with in normal business norms and instincts, rest assured that you will not lose any money.


Secondly if you have any such inquiry which you feel is big enough to feel greedy or you think you need that contract to change your life search party details for possible scam on the net.


Do not send money to the buyers, as there is no such legal business practice in the world where the seller has to register himself in the buyer's country. All taxes, duties and registrations are on the buyers account



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