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some days ago and kuwait customer buy an tattoo kit form us ,and as you know,if the kit with ink ,the shipping fee always very high

so i suggest him to cancel the ink for saving the shipping fee,he agrees that,

next day,he tell me paid via WU,and we send the items afternoon,but the shipping was delayed because easter day!

he didn't have any complain,about 7 days after we send,he get the items,he was very happy but with some problems,

the customs of kuwait opened the package,the package was broken,

he told me,terry,don;t worry,it is not your fault,it is the customs who did this,i know you didn't wanna it happen!

this short words deeply moved me,and few days later,he give me another order !

now,we are not only business partners also we are the best friends

we chat everything,anytime!

if everyone do like this,the world will more peaceful

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Re: an customer's deeply moved me!
that is really cool. it dispels the notion that some people have of chinese business man not having a heart. i really like this experience. thanks!
Re: an customer's deeply moved me!
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Re: an customer's deeply moved me!
[em19][em20]you are great

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