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Hello, I placed two orders today at two suppliers of the same company. The first is confirmed, the second is closed "for security reasons" (no. 1002250861). I was just notified with a short mail when it was already cancelled. Strange and unprofessional but no information about the reasons neither in my system account, nor in the mail message. There are several points which I would like to evaluate :
1. My bank confirmed the authenticity of both orders (it has a three level auth. protection of transactions). Amount for both orders was taken from my account. Does this mean that my bank cares less about security than Alibaba or Escrow system?
Any serious professional system, before cancel an order (especially if it is the second one), contacts first the person who pays, in order to check the situation and to ask for additional information. My second order was cancelled immediately (within 3 or 4 hours), no one contacted me, Ionly had a post factum notification with no explanation.
3. I reclaimed the cancellation of my order through the system apnel and even did not have a confirmation message or any trace of this kind that let me follow in the system the process of my reclamation. There is neither any info providing me with an explanation of the way I may reconfirm the order or have my money back.
For these points I find the "security reasons" managment hardly professional and frustrating. I saw in the forum that such a situation is not unique.
I ask Alibaba to help me to resolve my current situation with order
1002250861 and propose to work out better the general procedure.

With my best

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am having the same issue now ,made three order at the same time , got a mail saying all three order have make successful payment , after three hours got a mail saying my order have been closed and i was billed 459.05 usd , been waiting for a refund but no refund yet ,mailed help center but replied saying i was not billed . what do i do? am soo worried and hurt [em4]
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I'm in same situation. Your problem is solved or not? You got your money back or they steal em?
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Same Situation Horrible is that , I want only the money back and then finish here with Alibaba..such a circus...what they think they are ?
Re: Order closed "for security reasons" - no reasons exposed
i have same Problem with Aliexpress [em23]


Order Total: US $133.03

Payment Received: US $133.03

Payment Method: Credit Card (US $133.03)

Receipt Number: 2012062718403631

Date Received: 27 Jun 2012 07:37

....................I NEED MY MONEY BACK..............So Where is The Money? I Need My Money Back.... Why Close My Order and Steal My Money, I'll Report this all around to the relevant Law enforces and Rubbish this site i once trusted! Refund My Money, it's not yours....I Need My Money, I need My Money Aliexpressssssssssss....

I made my first order on Aliexpress from canada but the Escrow service cancelled my order, they want a copy of my passport and both side of my credit card

that kind of information should never be disclosed to anyone on the internet because it opens the door to fraud, identity theft and lots of problems

Even if the price is low, I will never be able to buy anything on Aliexpress because of that rule
as I will never disclose my private information

I will continue to buy on other web sites but never on Aliexpress

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i bought a tablet pc and i make payment.Order Number:1013782995 there is writing order closed..please help me aliexpress please..give my money back please.[em4]
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Same happened to me. They closed my order and my money were frozen for about one month (almost $200). I sent them copy of my passport, copy of my card and credit card statement, but no answer from AliExpress for already 4 weeks. My compliant ID is 410197715 and I had submitted my scans on Aug 20, 2012!! If they will not review my scans, I will NEVER buy at AliExpress anymore.
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Aliexpress reviewed my docs and fixed everything [em19]

Thanks a lot!
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very worried now about reading these problems which are the same for men, get a succesfull payment email then an order closed eail asking for me to prove MYSELF! ali needs to showw that they are a trustworthy company, and thus far its conduct relfects its reputation, a total s### house. i want my money back, and if i dont get it will make sure everyone knows about this through every media outlet there is and with my position in a media company this will be easier for me than most.[em5]

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