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Xiao Ming's grandfather and grandmother are brother and sister red, they can get married? Is prohibited by law within the terms of marriage it? 0 replies,145 views

Can marry. China's "Marriage Law" stipulates that three generations of collateral consanguinity within the prohibited marriage. Our approach is to calculate the pro and other blood calculated between the generations, a generation to generation, such as with two generations of parents and grandchildren for the three generations; calculated collateral consanguinity, the basis of homology between each other to determine, as grandparents, sisters and cousins from cross-cousin brothers and sisters as collateral consanguinity within three generations, with the uncle and cousins from the maternal grandparents, brothers and sisters is also a maternal cousin collateral consanguinity within three generations. In China, collateral consanguinity within three generations of marriage is prohibited. To calculate the relationship between the two men pro, etc., must first find out the identity of both direct blood relatives, and then with the blood on both sides to take great care little algebra. For example, the calculation and relies instead on behalf of cousins between the points, first find out the identity of both direct blood relatives as grandparents, from grandparents to have the body count to three generations, from grandparents to cousins on the numbers for three generations. Within three generations on both sides were then conclude that their cousins are collateral consanguinity within three generations. According to this rule, Xiao Ming and so this calculation pro-red: red Xiaoming grandfather and grandmother's father was first generation. Xiao Xiao Ming's grandfather and grandmother is the second generation. Xiao Xiao Ming's mother and father is a third generation. Xiao Ming and Xiao fourth generation. Xiao Xiao Ming and therefore beyond the three generations, may be married.
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