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And Country is family structure, family structure and the state in terms of commonality. Traditional Chinese society, the country home and the parent organization system is strictly patriarchal. China's commodity economy by long-term underdevelopment of the peasant economy to the dominant influence, China's national structure of the family structure has always had a deep imprint. House, and the organizational system and the power of the parent configuration is strictly patriarchal. (A) family characteristics of the family culture is the concept and an important part of Chinese culture, its existence and change the development and changes of Chinese society had a profound impact. Today, we re-watched the evolution of society and look forward to the front of the culture, not ignore the importance of family culture in which. Similarly, in law into the twenty-first century in the forward position, but also to focus on development and research of family culture, family is the social and economic structure in agriculture in order to meet certain production practices and the need to survive based on kinship or relations based on the edge of a certain political and legal functions and ethics binding civil society organizations. The main features of the family are: (1) family produced in the agricultural society's economic structure. Greater constraints on human land, which inhabited the land system on the family situation, organizational structure, and many have a greater impact. Secondly, the traditional agricultural society to deepen cultural and ideological trends on the family system has essential influence, in which the traditional Confucian-based culture has become the **** of family culture. (2) certain production practices to meet the needs of the family formation and stretches of the important reasons. Agriculture is relatively backward productive forces of society, through blood relations and relations between the edge of a single person can be combined to enhance production capacity and labor, survival and development of defensive force of the integrated force. (3) family has a certain political and legal functions and ethics binding. Ancient China and countries along the way from the home into a class society, national composition, political structure and national activities in blood and politics based on the double principle, national identity chiefs, parents, family and household management of the power of governance. This power is mainly through the development of some local conventions or "Rural Planning" on the villages to educate the community and the constraints embodied. (B) of the local society exists because family influence family forces referred to here is the family as a social organization in the political and legal, ethical and social affairs and other aspects of control and influence. In traditional Chinese society's power structure, the villages of the local community in the form far away from government control, in which state power is not the formal implementation of direct control. Because, as the feudal government that the concept of family in society, the practical constraints force is quite powerful. Therefore, it is to their social monitoring feature allows the temple to the village elders and local chiefs, or old family clan. As pointed out before Fei "Chinese traditional agricultural economy are insufficient to provide the political hostility on your type of substantial resources required, so the emperor usually 'inaction' to peace throughout the world, so that local social contract with their community and Civilization the social balance, resulting in the situation of rural elders rule, "(c) family of local social forces of renaissance in the thirty years before the reform in China, there is a sense dominant. It is that the family and the new country was absolutely opposite, so the family would be classified as equivalent to the feudal state and its theocratic legacy of the old society was canceled. But as a cultural awareness, it has never been out local community. Arising under the traditional family system community identity, interpersonal relationships and social order as a kind of objective existence, in the continuation of local villages and for the people known for thousands of years, to comply with the recognition of people willing to exchange transactions with these methods and production. The implementation of the commune system, brigade and division of the system of team extreme excesses of collectivization to deny recognition of the community and maintain local social order people about local rules or regulations and other private system, which led many people to look forward to the traditional social order of the original regression. 1979 rural reform, the implementation of the family contract responsibility system has led to the revival of household economy. Government public power cut, direct government intervention in the rural economy has been revoked. Following this, 50's created a "collective" the spirit is weakened. However, when the production has become a matter of individuals and households, public welfare and social solidarity has become a civil matter. While, social production and production of the organizers of the lack of social solidarity and resources in the traditional family relationship between identity and community networks motivated by a renewed marriage because of family factors and geographical come together, thinking common problems. Since the transfer of the trust people in the village, "family" gradually returned to play an important role in local society.
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