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National character of Germany and Japan in the early seventies of last century, West German Chancellor Willy Brandt of Jews in Poland before the tomb of pondering, the lean kneel down, kneel down to make the world move in that strict --- German stereotype is still a great nation. As persistent as the Germans but with the other side of the Japanese, their determination to learn the Chinese culture, loyalty, lack of good, they absorb the modern Western culture, but left out the love of Christian culture. Chinese people in this neighbor is always the feeling that only Germans complex --- can think of the winter of 1944, Allied forces completed the encirclement of Germany, France and Germany downfall soon. Germany's troubled life of the people, food shortages, fuel shortages. Since Germany is located in Central Europe, the winter is very cold, lack of fuel may lead to many residents of freezing to death, a last resort, the mountains around the city had to cut trees to the public. Germans are so cut trees, according to study in Germany before the war (trapped) and Ji recalled: Forestry personnel to search for in the boundless forests, looking for the old and weak trees or poor tree, found, draw a red circle in the above. "No red circle of trees felled, to be punished." The question is, who will perform punished? Keep the administration out of the German real death, give all civil servants transferred to the front, the city can not find the police, almost in a power vacuum in the country. But until the end of the war, all German residents of deforestation there has not been something with all of them faithful implementation of the provisions. Ji fifty years later brought the matter is still the elderly sigh: German "government-free conditions with or without the government but no phenomenon." Jinyan as a visiting scholar during the study period in Eastern Europe, met a Polish eighties elderly. She is a survivor of Auschwitz, the whole family died in concentration camps. Christmas 1992, Yan Jin rushed to visit the lonely old Warsaw. Old man very happy Christmas and just bought new clothes to wear to her, ask her to eat Christmas food. Finally, two feet square for the elderly to move out of a cardboard box, there are a lot of items: small and exquisite Christmas tree, old man wearing warm slippers, the old lady wearing a soft quality sweater, ham, chocolate, cookies, Christmas cards, Christmas ornaments ... ... Christmas need to eat, wear, use, everything that exists. "Who wants to be so good?" Jinyan curiously. "Germans." An old man handed her a letter of sympathy sent by the German government. The original German Government (West German government before unification) the post-war economy in addition to compensation of **** victims, each year, "established under special file, by sex, age and country of residence of the folk around the world concentration camp survivors still alive who sent a letter before Christmas, condolence letters and a box of old Christmas items. " Adhere to this policy has been nearly half a century, the German Government bonds of conscience, one also is five years. The Japanese carefully to the "stupid" in the world has any nation more seriously than the Germans? Only the Japanese! Japanese work seriously to "dumb" stage, the dishes must be washed seven times the restaurant, a Chinese student tricky wash only three times, the results that students could not find work, and had to leave Japan. This is nothing new. Hotel foreman training of Chinese employees in Japan do when cleaning demonstration, he cleaned the toilet, from which fetched a glass of water to drink, said: "For according to this standard cleaning!" That was unheard of. Said the Japanese sporting events, tens of thousands of people leave the ground without leaving a **** butt, a piece of paper scraps, a trace of Tanji, which has been known to the world. In fact, this is nothing. Professor Fang Ning Political Capital Normal University in Japan have witnessed a traffic jam, that scenario enough to shock the world: Tokyo from Izu Peninsula to the road, a row of tens of thousands of vehicles to suffer a hundred kilometers. (That time) almost all the cars are back in Tokyo, the road blocking the right side into a long queue. No one left empty out a road, whoever is open to the left, you can swiftly went straight to Tokyo. Just do not have a car down the empty road over into the line, a hundred kilometers of traffic jams on the road, but not a traffic police to maintain order. In the nearly ten hours, the traffic moved step by step, one foot one foot to move, silent, but not of sound whistle. "They flatter themselves that stretches over one hundred kilometers of the resolve of the queue! Such perseverance, keep order and unite the nation, is really admirable and frightening!" Said Japan's post-war decades, many office buildings eleven p.m. lights are still lit, white-collar workers in unpaid overtime, this is only a trivial matter. Compared to the seventies of last century and found that Southeast Asia is not hidden in deep forests went so far as the Japanese soldiers to surrender (World War II has been nearly three decades), it was shocking. Dedication to the Japanese people lament. They have decades, in the voluntary tree planting two million desert of Inner Mongolia's "third-team Desert Green Japan"; help Chinese students two years of the "Father of students"; a continuous upward job for ten hours (Golden Pavilion Temple House roof repair), the middle of the toilet is not the last time the craftsmen; a bowl for the development side, two years Dun Dun noodles to eat quickly, and finally the appetite to eat down the food development officer; a duty for eight consecutive years for the invasion of Chinese victims of Japanese military court, collapsed after winning the lawyer in court; there ashamed to receive benefits, would rather starve to death an elderly couple pairs ... ... Let us look at the bad. Training in the system of militarism, the Japanese soldiers lost their humanity, World War II atrocities committed against the people of the country, owes numerous blood; and when they ruin when almost no one Japanese soldier surrendered, or suicide or all of the killed, but also sad deserved sympathy. Saipan campaign, supported by strong air and naval attack on U.S. troops alone in twelve of the thirty thousand Japanese soldiers barricaded. Japanese hit only three thousand people, then the U.S. military launched a thousand people to charge. They stumbled, "and some crutches, and some hanging bandages, in addition to mangled, and some also Daxia the eye"; They take off the helmet, the head of bundled a vaginal discharge, "carrying machine guns and swords, Some just took the **** tied to a bamboo pole, and even some empty-handed, like a flock to the U.S. position the tide. " That no energy charge of the seriously injured, then blew himself up hand grenades. Finally, at the same time with the Japanese assault, Saipan, the Japanese people also began a large-scale suicide, or they jumped from a cliff, or the parents take their children, a family to the sea ... ... "the whole sea full of Japanese drift the body. "U.S. will **** converted into propaganda vehicles, around the call:" We will not hurt you! "However, these calls almost no effect, Saipan, Japan, a total of more than ten thousand people die of suicide. Battle of Saipan, the U.S. "combat troops was afraid at first, and then make them confused, and later that they hate, and finally while filling many U.S. soldiers revealed the true mercy. Japanese soldiers in the cave suffered terrible pain and the sad desperate Gansi their attack, making the American soldiers to remember 'Do not forget Pearl Harbor' motto has become increasingly difficult. " Some soldiers broke down in tears: "Why do the Japanese ... ... ... ... to be so they **** suicide?" Sino-Japanese War ended, the Kuomintang army thirty will serve as commander in chief of China Li Mo'an Theater (KMT theater) the work of the Japanese surrender. As a part in war, the bloody atrocities of Japanese soldiers in China are still fresh in my memory, Li Mo'an feelings are complex. Cutting hate the one hand, on the other hand along with the surrender process, gradually adding Li Mo'an sigh: the Japanese army captured the regular army has always been on his way home to walk the queue of people, there is no disturbance of the phenomenon, and no accidents. In the disarmed when all the Japanese weapons include heavy machine guns, vehicles and weapons from the wear wipe clean, and its officers, horses, weapons, ****, clothing, bags, tools, vehicles and other materials register, figures clearly, people are not so much surrender, as it is to do the transfer in the procedures. Li Mo'an later wrote in his memoirs: "For all this time I still impressive, and quite feel. Through the details of the Japanese contribution weapons, you can usually see the Japanese military management and training is rigorous, and this can also see the spirit of a nation. At that time I thought, their discipline so rigorous, so the same action in the future if the leadership is correct, will be a country can play unlimited potential. "Japanese people should be more than two thousand years of reflection ago, the Chinese people is also a dedication, perseverance, loyalty of the nation. The ethical, sacrifice justice, Shashenchengren, many things as good as gold, a few can be called social theme. Japan is a good study of the nation, said China is Japan's spiritual culture of the home country is probably not wrong. Cheng Ying Zhao Dun follower, son ambulance Orphan Chujiu laid down his life, the former at the expense of his son, who sacrificed his own life. Cheng Ying ten years live with shame, until it is brought up for the Orphan of the Zhao Zhao **** after the suicide death. Wu desperate wives give up no less than before, his wife decided in terms of: "The child can speed line, not the concubine in mind!" Then home hanging. Wu escape on the way, a Sha women sympathize with him, presented his meals. Wu confessed only because the words, "In the event of others, would like his wife not words," looked back and the woman had jumped into the river of boulders. Wu then fled, the way they met a fisherman crossing the river rescue, but also because confessed, "if coming from behind, do not vent my machine", the old man sighed resolutely: "I bent to the negative sub wronged, so crossing the river Yeo. child still see doubt, please the king of a suspect must die! "finished, Shen Jiang died. All this with the Japanese national character is too similar? However, the spirit of the Japanese to learn the Chinese culture, and ultimately missing something? They inherited the ancient Chinese study of the "Spring and Autumn personality", abnormal development of the perseverance, dedication, perseverance, loyalty, but the lack of another important component of Chinese culture --- good. This part of the Chinese cultural genes, not in Japan to flourish. Modern Western culture, they learn, but also missed the Western Christian culture of love. May they continue to reflect on!
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