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If you eat a lot of salt, what will happen? From the physical side 0 replies,1736 views

Recently found that eating salty food is also a predisposing factor causing influenza because the salt, eat more, one is to reduce the secretion of saliva, the virus has settled in the land of the oral cavity; Second, high-sodium permeability, epithelial mouth and throat cell defense capability would be inhibited, easy to make flu virus enter the body. French saying goes, called the estimate "beauty was born in the mountains, not born in the sea." The point is that, because women usually in the sea more salt intake, so the skin is very easy to grow wrinkles. The female mountain less salt, the skin is often smooth and delicate. Why eat a lot of salt, easy to wrinkle it? French National School of **** explained that the experts on the site, and salt to sodium and chloride ions exist in the form of **** and body fluids in the body in maintaining osmotic pressure, acid-base balance and water balance plays a very important role. If too much salt, the body sodium increases water loss will lead to facial cells, resulting in skin aging, a long time will cause more wrinkles. Medical experts remind us, daily salt intake should not exceed 6 grams. Much salt can cause not only hypertension, but also directly affect the appearance. To the skin is good, more scientific approach is to drink plenty of water to help detoxify the skin. == **** study found that daily consumption of salt too easily lead to cardiovascular disease, and thus to promote low-salt diet. In addition, too much salt, but also lead to upper respiratory tract infection. This is because the high-salt diet can reduce the secretion of saliva, lysozyme is also a corresponding reduction, coupled with a high salt diet infiltration, the upper respiratory tract invasion weakened resistance to disease, leading to infection of upper respiratory tract. Long-term eating salty things, but also affect bone growth. Because the minerals sodium and calcium are both, after the kidney, the sodium would be more recycling of calcium by the body first, so the intake of too much sodium, it will indirectly increase the loss of calcium in the urine and affect bone development. Summary: A eating too much salt is also easy to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. B long-term impact of eating too much salt bone growth. World Health Organization recommends a daily intake of salt should be adults no more than 6 grams of salt intake per capita has reached 12 g / day. The severity of people's taste is a habit, is to develop slowly, and never should be considered to be eating your own food so salty. Instead, eat light dishes, can experience the unique taste of various dishes. Summary: Youth salt a day not more than 4 grams, adults not more than 6 grams salt per day. 1, consciously develop a light taste. 2, the daily cooking is best to use fresh ingredients, avoid eating canned and pickled foods such as salted fish, preserved meat, pickled vegetables. 3, natural-based ingredients have to, for example, use more garlic, ginger, onions and other, less salt, soy sauce and chicken powder. 4, certain types of soy sauce, MSG, pickles and sausage, smoked sausage and other processed food products are high-salt foods, but also should be eating. SALT harm more than 1, or high blood pressure: Many studies have shown that high-salt diet or high blood pressure effect. 2, the promotion of atherosclerosis: much salt can raise blood pressure only, while the plasma cholesterol, can promote the role of atherosclerosis. 3, caused by gastric cancer: high concentrations of salt can damage the gastric mucosa, induced gastric cancer. 4, susceptible to cold: more salt of people susceptible to colds. Because of the high concentration of salt can inhibit the activity of the respiratory tract cells and inhibit their disease resistance; but can also reduce saliva, making the mouth reduced lysozyme, an increase of viruses and bacteria in the upper respiratory tract infection. 5, accelerate calcium loss: more salt susceptible to osteoporosis. Animal experiments showed that the rabbit fed a high salt diet for 12 months, the bone mineral density decreased by 50%. Salt restriction and promote healthy Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that adults daily salt intake should be less than 10 grams, the World Health Organization recommends a lower, 3-5 grams per person per day. Salt restriction can be as specific methods: 1, breakfast drink milk or soy milk, and eat bread or pasta, bread for a class, completely without salt. 2, lunch or dinner, eat sweet potatoes, the reduction in salt intake, can increase potassium intake. 3, food processing cooking, add salt as little as possible, in order to taste, you can add some less sugar, vinegar, or spicy. 4, do not eat or eat more pickles, and salt content foods such as bacon products. 5, appropriate to eat beans, vegetables and fruits such as potassium and more food. Beans, dried beans up potassium content; grains buckwheat and millet in the high potassium content; vegetables optional taro, bamboo shoots, potatoes, water chestnuts, ****, celery, cabbage, tomatoes and other fruits in the optional large dates, hawthorn, banana, apple, etc., in addition, lean meat, fish, milk potassium content is greater.
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