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Olay and the Mary Kay which is better? It was these two brands are used it? 0 replies,1297 views

I am a combination skin, the two brands have used Olay personal feeling better than Mary Kay, Mary Kay bought because a friend is a Mary Kay beauty consultant, really sorry reluctantly refused to buy the Magnolia oil I use whitening Ying Choi series, Shu Quan and natural purification Yingrun series blue series covers pure condensate of that section. Cai Ying prefer whitening series, used the skin after a period of feeling a lot better (friends say I changed for the better skin.) Natural condensate is not pure blue cap Cawan oil, suitable for summer use; pink cover of that section is more suitable for winter (with a friend, said it was great, I have not used) These are my personal views, but I think the skin care product is a personal, or try it yourself first, find the right we go right, OLAY online diagnosis on the website, you can refer to, but the products are OLAY
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