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What is the world's four ancient civilizations, determined by the organization? International recognition that China is "four ancient civilizations," one? 0 replies,5238 views

Rejected "the so-called expose China is one of the four ancient civilizations ridiculous hoax" "expose one of four ancient civilizations, China is the absurdity of the so-called hoax," a paper widely circulated on the Internet, many users not knowing their views, they want to debate fatigue only acrimony. In fact, the Internet has true knowledge, there are gunmen, opened the following article on camouflage. Everyone knows that today the West is indeed stronger than China, more than a bit, but really do not need such a strong hatred, defamation of Chinese culture. ---- Reflect on history is not as "laid bare one of the four ancient civilizations of China is the absurdity of the so-called scam" that it was "nothing of history," "national nihilism", but added some people slander and attack China's cultural needs, understand this, can understand some Chinese-speaking people with the Chinese characters so why the hatred of the Chinese culture will Yuzhi the mentality of a quick kill and then. Although I advocate the need for reflection, opposed to the politicization of academic research, but for the ulterior motives of the people had to fight back refuted the remarks! "Expose one of four ancient civilizations, China is the absurdity of the so-called scam" Lights in the article is the initiator of the Mongolian people have used the pen name Yin cavalry, sarenhuu, heavy metal band and so on. Over the years he used a different name, fraudulent use of different nations, no less than 50 million words written articles circulating widely on the Internet, specifically to slander China, Kuangbian Chinese culture. the person is quite knowledgeable, and on the history, philosophy also has opinions, but the intention is very deep, the network quite harmful, do not know the man, can easily be confused. This man published a series of articles, "" four great inventions "nonsense", "Comparison of East and West", seemingly rational reflection, but the purpose of with the achievements of the ancient Han negated, full of language of the Han disdain. he had to sarenhuu wrote under the pen name "Twenty-Four Histories hand who actually test for debate," "character, art and dye vat," the content is very vulgar boring. Germany and the Mongols of that blue on the site "theory." In order to facilitate the induction, let's put the known theory. What his "theory" mean? First, Han lives cheap, the massacre of why not? Second, do not kill so many Han Chinese, Han you exaggerate. Third, that today is not pure Han Han. After the Mongolian army south to a large number of Chinese women raped, so now is the Mongolian and the Han Chinese are mostly hybrids. (The family origin in this "expose one of four ancient civilizations, China is the absurdity of the so-called fraud," also reflected shy shame, as that part of "the North is pure Mongoloid", "true the ancient Chinese civilization After the song came to an end "and so on, we feel for, HEHE) on that LAN to track the whereabouts of the German harvest was very clearly pointed out by Mr German's remarks that blue of the Han people in the forum as the main users, Han derogatory insult to the main site in the deceive is preaching directly to the local Mongolian superiority. This is the real purpose of Nalanxingde! Reflection is necessary, but under the guise of the name of reflection, against my self-confidence of Chinese people must be alert! The text of the error everywhere. Just look at the text of the paragraph: "All along, the Chinese government in both domestic propaganda claiming that China is a so-called" four ancient civilizations, "one of us is a country with five years of civilization, ancient countries, as As an important part of the stupefying education. These ridiculous arguments also spread quite widely, deeply rooted, in fact do, as long as the history of the world just a little common sense knows that this is just a joke. "(sic) First, read the articles, may draw the wrong impression that "Westerners" to Chinese culture does not belong to the four major civilizations, or is not the longest the world today, have been under a conclusion. "I must have mastery of English, French, German, Russian, Italy, Spain, Latin, Hebrew, etc. Western language, HEHE! In fact, the formulation of the four ancient civilizations of Western historians first mentioned, and not the Chinese government put forward . As long as the history of the world just a little common sense knows this. For example I have a Western book, "World History" is the second largest ancient civilizations of China on to the discussion. order: ancient Egypt, China, India, ancient Greece (including the later Rome). The book's original name: World History, edited by Peter N. Stearns, Happer & Row, Publishers, New York, 1987. these many, many books in English history. to the library an investigation, can be found in dozens! Chinese civilization is one of four great civilizations, and the continuation of Chinese culture has the longest civilization (longest suriving continuous civilization), is very common in the English sentence in the history books. Secondly, 5000 May Fourth period, the reference is the reference to Chinese historians, nor is the official reference. In the past some scholars only pay attention to China 3500 years of history, because this brilliant historical comparison of 3500 and the evidence conclusive, does not mean that only 3,500 years of Chinese civilization. (outside the Central Plains Sanxingdui civilization seems to be 6500 BC, or 6300, the River Mu Du Culture remember some specific time, is seen on explore * found: ) Third, some very ancient civilizations, such as the Babylonian civilization. but not enough to "big" match. "four ancient civilizations", the emphasis is both large and ancient. This is a foreigner based on the four ancient civilizations initially proposed . Closure really 2005-11-7 02:49 PM another example, let us look at the text of the absurd. "I once heard a" Chronology Project "of the speech, the presenter of the" archaeologists "to us presented their claim to be called "Xia Dynasty" and "capital remains" recovery plans, I look closely, but it was a few rotten hut child, a standard primitive village, they call it "great", "Xia Dynasty" The "capital"? What else, the archaeological site of several mud heap, what is it - remains of rammed earth, rammed earth is, is pressed together to do the mud wall of the base heap, primitive tribes used to build the tabernacle of the most primitive technology, commonly known as "dry playing base." They call it "great", "Xia Dynasty" and "capital"? There is some copper waste products, a large number of stone tools, bone! This question is not very clear? But that is the oldest tribal relics. So-called "capital of Xia Dynasty" pure nonsense! "(Sic) of the view that the Xia Dynasty site is" Rammed earth remains "is the" Stone Age tribal heritage ", in fact, Henan is the second summer inside the site are yet to be determined, but the extent of Unearthed, The total area of 300 square meters, has the city-hwan, a palace area, a graveyard, the largest palace of 1 million square meters, the periphery of the palace area drilled two east-west direction, a north-south direction perpendicular to a total of 3 road. in which the length of north-south road about 700 meters, two things the length of the road are more than 300 meters, three road construction between the base-intensive group of rammed earth. This is clearly not a "primitive village" scale , when the city no doubt, if not the summer capital, but also must be a city with the same site in summer. relics including bronze, jade, pottery and more. There are some artifacts have yet to be deciphered in the class describe the text symbols. Unearthed Bronze regulations set complete. This is of the so-called "tribal Neolithic sites"? so-called "copper waste products?" he scoffed Erlitou site, he is not that the foreign sites have a so-called civilized modern city size? I am afraid it only proves that only the author's own prejudices. In addition, rammed earth is not a primitive proprietary technology, and even Fanggong Qin, Tang Daming Palace Hall of the platform containing element is built with rammed earth on Di. And this of the need to attack, and even archaeological disregard common sense, it is very regrettable. If not Oracle, he says, Shang does not exist. can be found in the ruins of Yin let him close his mouth , had to get surgery the Xia Dynasty. Perhaps one day, we will find the remains of the summer. Shang Dynasty had already been Weights and Measures, a code, a system with all the features of modern human society. So, these things are overnight formed? I believe we have already been answered. In fact, the archaeological China compared with Western archaeologists, the biggest difference is that China is in the proof of archaeological history. our history, a membership can have 4,000 years of investigation, Many archaeological discoveries have been confirmed record of the history books. China is such a great land, we can repeatedly tap it? inch of detailed investigation can do it? found before the Yin Ruins, early 20th century, even the Shang Dynasty of Western thought is legend. The Chinese archeology, basically will not be a big tomb excavated, but things do not know who the owner of the tomb. But in the West, this kind of thing too much. often occurs, a major archaeological discovery, allowing people find the story of a lost history. Many Western historians, archaeologists are very envious of their counterparts in China, saying China is a historian's paradise. "Historical Records" does not understand some things now, but who denied the "Historical Records" The historical value? as demeaning by the original author of the "" Historical Records "is a novel", that "Homer", "Bible" is not recorded in myth story? 1871 German Haiyinlixi Schliemann discovered Troy in Turkey in the Ottoman ruins in the world by storm and became the originator of modern archeology. Schliemann childhood hobby in addition to the history of Greece, the information can be found, only the Greek myth in the ancient records. and remove the "Bible" myth coat, we see the ancient Jewish picture of life in the Middle East! why the author went so far as trust in China's history books as an oral tradition of epic change beyond recognition? not because they information in the records of some of what now seems incredible, then to deny its historical value, which is the desecration of the ancients, but also for future generations of crime! previous historians of the "Historical Records" recorded "Jingke Ci Qin" When Ying Zheng Nabing urgent undetectable between husband pulled a long **** baffled by the technology of such a long long **** broken until the terracotta warriors and horses unearthed in this kind of weapon took it off mystery. of the original text after paste is more boring to several great civilizations have disappeared Sumerian civilization, Indus civilization, the ancient Egyptian civilization by force and now the Middle East, India and Egypt linked together, including the Sumerians actually turned into a rice special people, the Ganges actually turned into a fusion of Aryan civilization, the results of the Indus civilization, the ancient Egyptian civilization in the legends and historical sites can only find traces of today is even said to be good in succession by the modern Egyptians. Modern Suspicion of the wind originated in the late Qing Dynasty, its emergence and development, all with the backing of the historical background, in which the master is the "Hundred Days Reform," the leaders - Liang. until now, that seems to magnify Doubt, any doubt, but also directly linked with the West, Westerners that there is no domestic voice, he said, there is not, which in the end the West ancient history or Chinese history? the original point of the first, and then cook the evidence, this approach is itself against the academic tradition. not to mention a lot of historical data on the mastery of Dacheng also question whether the Chinese civilization is the first development in the world, clearly no. But, if our in-depth study, you will know, in fact, any the development of civilization has different and can not be advanced to determine the extent of this civilization and an important benchmark, because in dual view, any civilization, are "people" and the creative combination of the local environment. For example, the West has been the bronze, the text as a civilization important to identify, but who knows the world's first rice cultivation, silk fabrics in where? is in China, the earliest rice cultivation, according to this more than 1-0.9 million years ago in the Hemudu 8000, China had silk fabrics, The monopoly of China's silk has been to China Southern and Northern Dynasties era, the West was the secret of the Chinese silk weaving. than China for about 7 years later full ------ But even success does not believe that the two can prove that the civilization of China How much advanced than the West to the number of times (in fact this expression reflects the ignorance ),---- itself but rather to point out that the Chinese civilization, the special climate and geographical conditions, in certain areas, China's civilization have their leading characteristics. By the same token, assuming (because Anhai not to study it), if other civilizations in the region, if they have their own characteristics, such as copper rich, easy to mining and smelting, then assume that these civilizations can therefore one step ahead into the Bronze Age, then it should thus think that these more advanced civilization to do ?----- or more should be in-depth analysis of these civilizations where geographical and climatic conditions are given on a more appropriate evaluation? However, these are basically turning a blind eye on, but hard to belittle the continuity of Chinese civilization, referring to historical sites are all overseas is a splendid sort of adjectives, it seems that he personally went to those who witnessed the scene of his mouth Crete 4000 years later than most of China but also splendid palace of the "Knossos Palace" (the palace area is 3 acres, it seems not very big). I looked really feel nothing to say. In the center of the world on a long time ago, all countries are to themselves as the center, at least not in Western China, the geocentric theory put forward, then just blame of their own as the center of ancient China is ridiculous. of the "" four great inventions " is a lie, "talked about the use of Egyptian papyrus, and compilation mats almost, and it was invented? then, the Chinese people a clear account of **** raw material, the proportion of allocation methods and not invent?? Speaking of the West , very loose; talked about China, to extremely harsh. Egyptian paper is on the natural world, but the grass is actually a simple process, but China did not create a natural thing, but think of the papyrus is the first invented. However, **** mentioned, they are not that defined as a modern explosives. logic confusion! on the West of double standards is so, so what is rational spirit!!! the biggest problem of this article or in the author's position. The culmination of the sarcastic words and sentences vilification of responsibility, try to deny the Chinese civilization, Chinese civilization and Western civilization of double standards, not only worthless to say the Chinese civilization, but also part of the indiscriminate, wanton personal attacks. its arguments, with what he called the so-called " rogue scholar, "" Popi rogue "exactly the same possession, and even better than the original author to see the purpose of !----, HEHE, it is not surprising! I think the normal thinking of the debate is to obtain a blend and promote each other improve in order to arrive at a most realistic conclusion. But this article is to make people think that this is not an article published this purpose, purely in order to completely negate the Chinese civilization. and such an article arguing: 1. no matter how you say The vomit Lotus, author, and the same will not be convinced you, because they are not coming to the academic, and he wanted to mix the more the better is the water; 2. Even if you do not say that most people are still able to distinguish One fallacy in people's eyes are sharp, which is not false; 3. article of a large number of plausible historical reference, and then somehow come to the point, or confused logic, and all the wording in some bickering, if you want to refute he must spend a lot of time and energy (which together every debate, will be an eloquent masterpiece hung chapter), as previously mentioned in the original Great Masters of the gang wrote a book, "Ancient Debate," that there is no Xia, Yu is a bug. But the text of the emasculation of the fact that with the results of archaeological excavations, Gary and students in conversation, but also acknowledged the existence of Xia Dynasty. Ordinary people do not have the time and effort, because the professionals The first two reasons for the laugh \u3002-------- knew this is not the majority of users, but want to debate the reason for fatigue. We should have an objective mind. can neither be blindly arrogant, do not sell ourselves short. China one of the cradles of civilization, we can not be attracted to become the pride of the capital today, but history search for the truth. can not say "rich dad, son to glory," but can not because his son had no money, even the father also Han is not the
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