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2006 ranked the world's top anti-virus software, Gold: BitDefender Silver: Kaspersky Bronze: F-Secure Anti-Virus fourth: PC-cillin fifth: ESET Nod32 sixth: McAfee VirusScan seventh: Norton AntiVirus Article Name: AVG Anti-Virus ninth: eTrust EZ Antivirus tenth: Norman Virus Control X A: AntiVirusKi twelfth Name: AVAST Here is the ranking of foreign sites, features, price, winning such great detail, see Well to understand English! http://anti-virus-software- Introduction number one BitDefender: BitDefender Antivirus is a veteran anti-virus software from Romania, two hundred and forty thousand large virus database, it will your computer to provide maximum protection, has a powerful anti-virus engine and Internet filtering technology to provide you with instant messaging protection, by answering a few simple questions, you can easily install, and support online upgrade. It includes 1. A permanent anti-virus protection; 2. Background scanning and network firewall; 3. Confidentiality control; 4. Automatically and quickly upgrade module; 5. Create a scheduled task; 6. The virus quarantine. Introduction to second place Kaspersky: Kaspersky (Kaspersky) antivirus software from Russia, the world's best and top anti-virus software, network, killing the virus is much higher than the performance of similar products. Kaspersky anti-virus software has powerful ability of central management and anti-virus, anti-virus can be truly infected! Provides a wide range of anti-virus solutions. It provides all types of anti-virus protection: antivirus scanners, monitors, behavior blocking section, complete inspection, E-mail access and a firewall. It supports almost all common operating systems. Kaspersky controls all possible virus enters the port, its powerful features and local flexibility, and network management tools for automated information search, the central installation and virus protection provide maximum convenience and minimum time to build your anti-virus isolation wall. Kaspersky anti-virus software has a number of international research institutes, testing laboratories and IT neutrality publisher's certificate, confirming Kaspersky has brought together the industry's highest level of outstanding quality. Ranked third in the F-Secure AntiVirus Description: Finland, from the home of Linux antivirus software, a collection of AVP, LIBRA, ORION, DRACO four anti-virus engine, one of which is the Kaspersky antivirus kernel, and the student surpasses the teacher, anti-virus personal feeling efficiency is better than Kaspersky, the software uses distributed firewall technology is especially effective pandemic virus on the network. In the "PC Utilites" evaluation of more than Kaspersky ranked first, but later increased the expansion of Kaspersky virus database, overtake F-secure. In view of ordinary users can not expand virus database, so F-secure or ordinary users a choice very good. F-Secure AntiVirus is a powerful real-time virus monitoring and protection system to support all of the Windows platform, which integrates a number of viruses to monitor the engine, if one of omission occur, there will be another to monitor. Can scan the hard disk or a single folder or file, the software also provides password protection, and provides information on the virus. The fourth of the Pc-Cillin (Trend) Description: Trend Micro Internet Security includes Personal Edition integrated personal firewall, antivirus, anti-LJ e-mail and other functions, to provide maximum protection to the desktop machine does not need too many users operation. Daily use and Internet access in the user while browsing the "real-time monitoring security and defense"; built-in firewall is not only more convenient to use local conditions to set your "personal firewall professional master-style" and "Trojan Damage Cleanup Restore Technology" Dual protection can also refuse to process various types of hackers access to the computer request; Trend Micro virus developed a new barrier technology, including "active anti-virus response system" and "virus scanning logic analysis technology," not only to detect viruses hiding and precise incarnation and be completely clear, but also to block specific variants of the virus and the barrier, so that the virus no longer take advantage of the machine; strong "LJ e-mail filtering" for your complete blockade LJ unsolicited messages. Trend Micro Internet Security Personal Edition many features to ensure the normal operation of your computer system, get rid of the virus infection from this nightmare. About the fifth of the ESET Nod32: Foreign very authoritative evaluation of anti-virus software NOD32 given high marks in the global total of more than 40 awards, including the Virus Bulletin, PC ****, ICSA, Checkmark certification, a more global only through the 26th VB100% test antivirus software, the highest in all the top products! product line is very long, from DOS, Windows 9x/Me, Windows NT/XP/2000, to a Novell Netware Server, Linux, BSD, etc., are available. Real-time monitoring of e-mail can take up less memory resources, the rate of virus clearance results are satisfactory. McAfee Virusscan sixth Introduction: the global one of the best-selling anti-virus software, McAfee anti-virus software, in addition to user interface updates, but also the company's WebScanX functions such together, added many new features! In addition to help you detect and remove the virus, it has VShield automatically monitor system will reside on the System Tray, when you from the disk, network, E-mail folder when you open a document file, the file will automatically detect the security, if the document contains virus warning immediately, and appropriate treatment, and support the right of the Quick menu function, and use a password to lock individual settings so that others can not change your settings chaos. Profile: Norton AntiVirus is a powerful anti-virus software, it can help you detect the thousands of known and unknown viruses, and whenever the boot, Auto-Protect will be resident in the System Tray, when you're from the disk , Internet, E-mail folder files when you open a file it will automatically detect the security file if the file containing the virus, it will immediately warn, and for proper disposal. Also included with "LiveUpdate" feature that can help you automatically connect to Symantec's FTP Server to download the latest virus signatures, to install the updates downloaded automatically after the action. Eighth About AVG Anti-Virus: AVG Anti-Virus anti-virus software, known in Europe, AVG Anti-Virus System functionality is complete and available for immediate access to files on any detect, prevent computer virus infections; can e-mail and Additional file scanning to prevent computer viruses spread through e-mail and attached documents; "virus database" which records the characteristics of a number of computer viruses and the onset date and other related information; "Power Protection" can be detected when the computer boots open type virus, to prevent the open type virus infection. In the **** context, can scan floppy disk, hard disk, CD-ROM drive, but also to scan the network drives. In the scan may also be only the floppy disk, hard disk, CD-ROM machine to scan a directory. Can scan file virus, macro viruses, compressed files (supports ZIP, ARJ, RAR and other real-time decompression scan compressed files). When the scan found infected files when the infected file will be isolated to AVG Virus VauIt, to be together after scanning is complete detoxification. Support online upgrade. Now offers the latest free version for people to use, go to the official website before installing fill in a form, from the reply to get a serial number. AVG Anti-Virus There are three versions (Professional, Server, free), one of them is to use the free version of non-profit, fully functional, but only a part of the function is not set, for example, only once a day **** schedule and so on. Ninth eTrust EZ AntiVirus Description: anti-virus software "eTrust EZ Antivirus" has received the International Computer Security Association (ICSA: International Computer Security Association) certification. ICSA responsible for testing and certification of products from viruses and malicious code attacks is effective. CA company said tests at the ICSA, eTrust EZ Antivirus software, and even the "In-The-Wild" vicious virus can also be detected 100%. eTrust EZ Antivirus is a small to medium sized businesses and SOHO users to provide solutions for anti-virus software. The product supports operating systems including Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT and Windows 2000 Professional, etc.. In addition, CA also offers include eTrust EZ Antivirus solutions, including anti-virus component "eTrust EZ Armor". New version with a new user interface, easy to use; new file can prevent the isolation system files are accidentally deleted; improved help system; enhance the "flash" system tray icon functionality. Tenth of the Norman Virus Control Profile: Norman Virus Control is a European brand-name anti-virus software, your computer system in order to ensure the best protection, Norman data security system provides a variety of anti-virus tools for you to choose from to meet your needs . This product combines advanced virus scanning engine, heuristic analysis and macro verification technology, which can effectively killing the known and unknown viruses. NVC for killing all types of viruses, including file and boot sector viruses using the antivirus software without the need to restart your computer. Eleventh of the AntiVirusKit AntiVirusKit 2006 v16.0.7. 0, Germany G-Data Products, English full name is GData AntiVirusKit, referred to AVK, this is a use KAV (Kaspersky) and BitDefender (BD) Romanian antivirus software The twin-engine anti-virus software, with superior anti-virus capabilities, in a foreign country has a very high visibility, speed and stability, with the virus control, EMAIL virus blocker, EMAIL protection, support online features such as automatic updates, you can block from the Internet viruses, worms, hackers backdoors, Trojans, dialers, adware, spyware and all other threats, support for compressed files, email, real-time scanning, heuristic virus scanning support, support for password protection, detailed logging to facilitate inquiries, computer to provide permanent security. AVK biggest advantage is that as long as the input virus or trojan virus database, before running it virus blocking, anti-virus will not be the case after poisoning. AVK2006 virus database currently has more than 33W card, right + BD dual effect of anti-virus engine is absolutely superb! Twelfth name AVAST! Now online soft kill the most fire from the Chinese version of the Czech Republic AVAST AVAST, has 17 years of history, but only recently rise with us, it has been in a leading position in foreign markets. It was the family version is free, just fill out its information page, but the mail must write correctly, so that it can put to use KEY to you, which you also can enjoy it 14 months, and then up reuse.
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