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Radio and television media of the similarities and differences between media 0 replies,13753 views

1, the radio's strengths: (1) timeliness of the dissemination of information. (2) listen to the breadth of the object. (3) expression of the contents of the fax. (4) the convenience of listening programs. 2, the radio's shortcomings: (1) save the poor. (Compared with the newspaper) (2) selective small. (Compared with the newspaper) (3) a lower resolution. (Compared with the newspaper) (4) Confidentiality is poor. 3, the compensation level of effort to ensure = choice probability "And what reward guarantee" refers to the media to the extent necessary to meet the audience; "effort level" refers to a particular audience in the acquisition and dissemination of tools to accept the cost Such costs include financial resources, material resources and energy; "choice probability" refers to the possibility of selection of a particular media. 1, the strengths of TV (1) spread fast, wide range of services, wide audience. (2) strong sense of the scene, infection and strong. (3) educational level to watch is not limited. 2, television's shortcomings (1) fleeting, difficult to grasp; linear transmission. (2) the order of TV programs by time, space, equipment conditions. (3), television production, send, receive and save the high cost.
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