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Most sweet to eat fruits and sugar, and diabetes should avoid sugar, therefore, the majority of diabetic patients are often away from the fruit. But in recent years, diet control of diabetes continue to have new insights, in some ways has exceeded the old model. Now, some people advocate of diabetes patients can eat the fruit, the question is how to eat. Allows patients to eat the fruit of the first condition is blood sugar has been under control. If the disease control was good, you can eat sugar content below 12% of the fruit, but a day to control the consumption of 100 grams or less appropriate. No appetite for serious infection of patients, you can also select the appropriate part of the staple food instead of fruits, such as oranges, apples. Those who eat fruit and are advised to consider reducing the amount of staple food. Unstable condition, blood **** control in patients not yet, it should be fast fruit. Tomato fruit with low sugar content of 2% sugar, watermelon, cantaloupe 4% -5%, sugar, grapes, cherries, oranges, orange, loquat, pears, peaches, plums, pomegranates, lemons, grapefruit, red bayberry, apple, pineapple Dengjun less than 12% sugar, banana, longan, lychee, persimmon, 14% ~ 16% sugar, cane sugar 20% to 30%, dates, raisins and sugar is as high as 70 \u30A1? 0%. Patients with diabetes should try to choose low-sugar food (fruit sugar content below 12%, medium for sugar content of fruit can not eat, should be restrained, for the high sugar content of sugar cane, dates, staphylococcus and dry be fasting. Juice and the highest sugar content of canned fruit, do not eat as well. eat fruit after a meal or between meals time is more appropriate. can eat, but to eat, my father is diabetic, and he ate that, you can eat pumpkins, eat more vegetables, good appropriate body good. pomegranate fruit is warm. a lot of organic salt content. more food can corrode tooth enamel, and its sap can dentin Black pigment, and easy to phlegm, and even then into heat dysentery. it should not be too fresh. and cough with phlegm, chronic bronchitis and emphysema and other diseases such as cough and sputum of patients, such as foam and evil are real and should not eat since the beginning of the new pomegranate dysentery . such as pomegranates and root, insect, only with **** salts, such as laxatives. Remember not to use **** as a laxative in order to avoid symptoms of poisoning.
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